Introduction: Since 1958, the Savage 110 has been a key player in the bolt action rifle market. Known for its durability and versatility, it serves a broad range of shooters. The series includes the 111, 112, 114, and 116 models, all renowned for their reliability. Meanwhile, Grayboe's Phoenix 2 riflestock sets new industry standards. It pairs perfectly with these iconic Savage rifles, enhancing their legacy.

About the Savage 110 and Other Models:

The Savage 110, engineered by Nicholas L. Brewer, made its mark with a balance of strength, affordability, and precision. Initially designed for .30-06 Springfield and .270 Winchester, the model expanded to accommodate various calibers and configurations. This adaptability spans the Savage family, covering the 111, 112, 114, and 116 models. Each model offers features tailored to specific shooting needs.

The Savage 10 and Related Models:

Following the 110's success, Savage introduced the short action Model 10 and its variants, the 11, 12, 14, and 16, enhancing the brand's offerings with models suited for specific disciplines like varmint hunting and tactical operations. These rifles, known for their AccuTrigger system and customizable features, provide a solid foundation for any shooting activity.

Grayboe's Phoenix 2 Riflestock for Savage Models:

In June 2023, Grayboe announced that the Phoenix 2 riflestock is now available for Savage 110 rifles, along with the 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16 models. This expansion allows Savage rifle owners to upgrade to a stock that emphasizes ergonomics, durability, and precision. With features like an adjustable cheek riser and enhanced vertical grip, the Phoenix 2 is a significant upgrade for any Savage rifle enthusiast.

About Grayboe Riflestocks:

Grayboe stands at the forefront of riflestock innovation, with the Phoenix 2 epitomizing the pinnacle of their craftsmanship. Known for its lightweight design, strength, and adaptability, the Phoenix 2 incorporates advanced materials and user-centric features, making it a top choice for precision shooters and hunters alike.

Pairing Savage 110 and Phoenix 2: A Great Choice:

Combining the Savage 110 or its variants with the Phoenix 2 riflestock from Grayboe creates a synergy that enhances both form and function. This pairing offers shooters a refined shooting experience, improving accuracy, comfort, and overall performance. The Phoenix 2's adaptability with Savage's 700 footprint models ensures a seamless fit and instant upgrade to the rifle's capabilities.

Conclusion: The integration of Savage 110 rifles with Grayboe's Phoenix 2 riflestock represents a perfect blend of tradition and modern innovation. For shooters looking to enhance their Savage 110, 111, 112, 114, 116, or the 10 series rifles, the Phoenix 2 offers an unparalleled upgrade in precision, ergonomics, and performance. Discover the ideal upgrade for your Savage rifle at Grayboe's Phoenix 2 page.

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