Our Vision

We are for American values, for American traditions, for American families, for American veterans, for American gun rights, for American religious freedoms, for the American Constitution, for the American dream, for Americans, for America.

A message from our Founder

My grandfather, Gale McMillan, invented the fiberglass stock in the late ’60s. He pioneered the hand-laid-up manufacturing process for riflestocks, a technique that he learned from his days at Motorola. 50 years later, companies are still using these same techniques. In the last 50 years, technology has advanced, yet our industry hasn’t. When you buy a fiberglass or carbon stock, you are paying mostly for labor. Surprisingly enough, the fiberglass and carbon materials are small fractions of the total cost of the stock. That should be a sign that improvement is possible. Once I realized this insight, I took this queue and started Grayboe. I saw three things that stock companies were not doing that I believed I could do better. 1). Make stocks available, 2). Make stocks affordable, 3). Make stocks easy to buy. Along the journey, I also found that we could make stocks better. With good equipment and technology, comes repeatable quality, scale, and improved performance. Couple our technology with the brightest minds in stock making, and we’ve stumbled onto something special.

Ryan McMillan

Our Core Values.

Fix what bugs you
Respectfully stand for what you believe
Earn your Trident every day
Optimism and positivity
Make someone’s life better today

Our Mission.

Ready our people for the mission
Aim to build a world-class manufacturing facility and an impactful brand
Fire our message out into the world

Our Team.

Ryan McMillan

Founder / CEO

Ryan is a former Navy Seal and can kill you with his pinky. Ryan enjoys minimal sleep and has grown fond of the nervous twitch he’s developed while running Grayboe. He loves America and he also loves America.

Ryan Melancon

Director of Sales

Ryan has 20 years experience in the rifle stock making industry. He goes to sleep thinking about stocks and wakes up thinking about stocks. He enjoys spending time around a campfire with a good beer and great woman. #1 ranked ping pong player at Grayboe.

Rob Smelcer

Director of Engineering

Rob is Mechanical Engineer who can build just about anything. One time, he got to level 4 on Tetris.

Jack Oliver

Product Engineer

Jack is an Air Force Vet and Gunsmithing school graduate.  He has been designing firearms for over 10 years.  More importantly to us, he is a Master Distiller of whiskey.  Jack loves having his picture taken and has a beautiful smile.  

Frankie De Anda

Director of Information Technology

Frankie has been with Grayboe since the beginning, handling purchasing, HR, inventory, and everything in between. If it's almost a job description, and no one else knows how to do it, Frankie does it. He's also pretty good with a bow staff.

Dina Lime

Accounting & Finance Manager

Dina has the three most important jobs here at Grayboe.  Buying donuts, making sure everyone gets paid and doing jobs that no one else wants to do.  In her spare time she does accounting and finances. 

Keith Gallardo

Production Manager

Keith is a Marine Corp Vet.  A strict diet consisting of Monster energy drinks & nicotine fuel him to get stocks through our production processes.  Two 150 pound English Mastiffs are his babies and his most noted accomplishment is a Level 110 rating in Insurgency Sandstorm.  

Kevin Nevitt

CNC Programmer

Kevin has been programming and machining the hell out of parts for decades. He loves his job and can also kill you with Ryan McMillan’s pinky. GO GRAYBOE!

Steve La Pre

PR & Social Media

Steve has been with Grayboe for three years. Steve is also a 20 year veteran of the fire service, serving as a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Dept. Grayboe social media guru and master wordsmith. Special skills: one liners and sarcasm.

Blu Bentley

Design Engineer

Blu is an innovative product design engineer with decades of experience in diverse industries, who has been Chief Product Design Engineer for Grayboe since 2014. He's had several product designs receive NRA Golden Bullseye Awards.

Ruchir Shanbhag

Chief Chemist

Ruchir is a Chemist, Mathematician and Physicist who is responsible for Grayboe's composite formulations. He's been known to light a part on fire, smell it, eat it and then tell us its exact composition. Ruchir considers himself a patriot and a redneck. Even developing a slight southern draw since working with Grayboe.  

Erik Sletten

Creative Content Contributor

Erik is a male nurse, the Gaylord Focker of the group, that hangs on to his last thread of masculinity by competing in any shooting competition that he can find. He also works as a marketing consultant in the firearm & outdoor industry, but that’s really not worth mentioning…and sometimes we let him paint some stocks. 

Nick Setting

Creative Content Contributor

Nick is a Marketing & Business Development Consultant with an affinity for long range precision rifle shooting, and an eye for visual storytelling. He loves America, guns, and bacon. 

Zach Davis

Creative Content Contributor

Zach grew up hunting and fishing the woods of Southeast Kansas, and eventually got into photography and videography. When he’s not out creating content for Grayboe, he’s either chasing coyotes or saving kittens from trees for the Hutchinson Fire Department.

Eric Gagnier

Creative Content Contributor

Eric jumped on the Grayboe team as a contractor. He is a creative problem solver using his love for design and photography to help build our brand. When not behind a camera, he is snowboarding, surfing and skating his way to inspiration.

What is “The People’s Riflestock”?

The People’s Riflestock is more than a slogan, this represents our core values, and an idea, a promise that people come first. We are just like you. Blue-collar, calloused hands, hard-working Americans. We are cut from the same cloth, Old Glory. The same flag you fly in the back of Old Faithful, your trusty big-block ‘76 Chevy with 35” mud tires, a winch on the front bumper, a dozen or so empty Copenhagen cans in the bed, and Chris Ledoux’s greatest hits on the 8 track! The same truck you load that deer carcass in after a grinder of a hunt. The truck your pops passed down to you, that has seen more rough terrain than the inside of an ‘80’s strip club, and still smells like Motley Crue and Marlboro Reds. Much like that Glorious Chevy, our stocks are built to work as hard as you do. Quality you can depend on, and looks that kill. So when you want Chuck Norris tough, Coors Original smooth and the liberty of a Bald Eagle soaring high in majestic flight; when you want Freedom the likes of which would make our buddy Abe “Long Range” Lincoln envious or our guy GW gaze just a moment longer over the Delaware, then fire in a lipper of Levi Garret leaf and get yourself a Grayboe and find out why we call ourselves “The People’s Riflestock”.