1.  Do Grayboe stocks need to be bedded? 

We haven't seen any noticeable difference in accuracy between our stocks that are bedded or un-bedded. 

2.  Do Grayboe stocks have pillars or a mini-chassis molded in?

All Grayboe stocks are pillar bedded with aluminum pillars molded right into the stock.

3.  Can I do any customization to my Grayboe stock?

All Grayboe stocks are made from a solid homogeneous fiberglass epoxy matrix.  There is no gel coat or foam filler to worry about when machining, sanding, or wire jet cutting out stocks.  Keep in mind that with such a wide range of available equipment and skill level, any customization done to our stocks will void the factory warranty.  If you choose to customize your stock please consider using a qualified vendor. 

4.  How can I determine if my barreled action will fit in a specific Grayboe stock?

Grayboe stocks pop out of the mold drop in ready for a Remington 700 rifle.  Many custom actions, bottom metal and barrels will drop into a Remington 700 inlet stock.  Many custom actions come as a "Remington 700 footprint" but require stock modification to fit. 

Grayboe's "custom inletting" section in our custom shop is where we can machine all these modifications for you so your stock arrives to you as a true drop in fit.  

If your not sure your rifle will fit, please contact us.