Painted Web and camo stocks ship in approx 6 weeks.  Custom camo like KUIU, Multicam, etc ship in approx 12 weeks.


stock comes with:

Adjustable spacer system with 1" Grayboe memory foam recoil pad providing 13.25" - 14.25" Length of Pull adjustment. (Additional spacers can be purchased if longer LOP is needed.)

2 studs up front for bipod/sling attachment or Picatinny rail (sold separately). 1 rear stud at bottom of buttstock.

Aluminum pillar bedded.



Ask a Question
  • Can this be custom ordered without the bubble level?

    we don't have to install the bubble level if you don't want it.  However, the small cutout for the bubble level will still be there as that is molded in our Trekker molds.

  • Instead of the sling/bipod stud in the rear/butt can I order it with a flush cup?

    Unfortunately there isn't enough material there to install the flush cup to the correct depth.

  • Wondering when your stocks will be inletted for Tikka T3 actions? Thank you.

    Won't have the Trekker for the T3 until next year sometime.  Currently our Phoenix stock fits the T3.

  • Is this compatible with a Savage Model 111 Hog Hunter?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Savage rifles at this time.

  • I have a 700 that's re-barreled with a Proof Sendero carbon wrap and a new magnum recoil lug. What are the dimensions of the pocket for the recoil lug?

    All Grayboe stocks fit recoil lugs up to .350" in thickness.

  • Can flush cups be added to the side of the Trekker's stock and forend?

    Unfortunately not, there isn't enough "meat" there to install one.

  • Will you offer the Trekker or the Phoenix for a tapered barrel, say a #4 barrel?

    Unfortunately the molds for the Trekker and Phoenix are universal barrel inlets only.

  • winchester model 70 long action. Mvmillan has a few. I would prefer to outfit my existing rifles with grayboe. ;)

    We will have stocks for the model 70 eventually, probably early next year.

  • What is the largest recommended cartridge for this stock?

    This really depends on the individual shooter.  As far as the stock goes, it can handle anything.  What caliber do you have?

  • Rifle build will be on a 700 action with a pacnor 1.20 “rem-nut” barrel with Holland recoil lug. Will this stock accommodate that?

    Yes, it will drop right in.

  • My rifle will be used in temperatures to negative 30 ambient. What will your recoil pad be like in those temps?

    It will function as it should if it were 75 degrees out and sunny.  Unaffected by temperatures.

  • Is the trekker a carbon fiber stock?

    its a mix of our propreitary material but yes it does have carbon fiber in it.

  • Universal? So compatible with Ruger Gunsite Scout, or no?

    Unfortunately not, the Ruger GSR is its own animal and not a Remington clone.

  • WHAT??? You have a stock for a recently deceased rifle ( Rem. 700 ) BUT NO TIKKA T3x love??? Are you KIDDING me? Read the industry sales stats guys....catch up will ya?

    Recently deceased?  There are a dozen or so custom action manufacturers that make their actions off a Rem 700 footprint and by the volume of orders that come through I'd say business is booming!  There's gotta be a reason why they all use a Rem 700 footprint and not a T3 footprint.  You know why that is?  Good news is we will have stocks fitting the T3 over the next few months.  In fact, you can order a Phoenix stock right now for a T3.

  • Any chance of ruger American inlet, in particular for the AR magazine?

    Eventually we will, don't have an approximate date on when that will be yet.

  • Really no Ruger m77 Come on guys!!!!!

    Unfortunately not, we just don't get enough requests for the M77 to create a stock mold for that rifle.

  • No Savage actions?

    Unfortunately not at this time.

  • Any plans to inlet for a CZ 527 American?

    Unfortunately not at this time.

  • Will it be available for tikka t3x

    Eventually yes, probably early next year.

  • What is the spacing between the two front sling studs?

    3 inches.