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stock comes with:

Adjustable spacer system with 1" Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad providing 12.75" - 13.75" Length of Pull adjustment.  (additional spacers can be purchased if longer LOP is needed). 

Adjustable cheek piece with low profile adjustment screw included.  (Left hand shooters will want to use the low profile screw)

4 Flush cups installed on RH & LH sides for sling

2 MLOK rails installed on bottom of forend

Aluminum pillar bedded



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  • Could my gunsmith do work on this stock, so that an ADL or CDL action would fit? Could also do whichever DBM is needed to make it work. Thanks,

    Our stocks pop out of our molds drop in ready for a BDL or M5 DBM bottom metal.  I believe the CDL comes with a BDL floor plate but an ADL is unfortunately not possible.  You can use a M5 DBM as well.  Your gunsmith wouldn't have to do any work on the stock if you order it inelt for a BDL or M5 DBM bottom metal.

  • What magazine would I choose if I want it ordered with my stock? I don’t see an option for CIP. For my 300prc build. I selected the M5 style detachable magazine like you stated on another question but not sure what magazine.

    Unfortunately we don't carry magazines for the .300 PRC but you can purchase one here  This will work with the Grayboe M5 CIP length DBM.

  • Is it possible to custom order a Phoenix for a Remington 700 adl and retain the stock with no floor plate or magazine?

    Unfortunately not, our stocks only fit the BDL or certain DBM bottom metals.

  • When will stocks be available for the savage 110 ultralite LA will it be detachable box mag or bottom metal?

    We hope to have the Phoenix ready for the Savage 110 by the end of summer this year.  It will be a detachable box magazine DBM.

  • I’m wondering what model of inlet of these if any would fit the CVA cascade long action and the howa 1500 long action.

    Our Outlander and Terrain stocks fit the CVA rifle.  Unfortunatley our stocks don't fit the Howa 1500 at this time.

  • Any update on time frame of savage 110 ultralite stocks?

    We hope to have the Phoenix ready for the Savage 110 by end of summer.

  • Why is the intended caliber required for placing an order?

    Just so we make sure we send the appropriate bottom metal if that is added to the order, a customer has checked the all the right boxes, etc.  For example, we've had people in the past select a long action and put the caliber .308 so its just a way for us to double check that all the specs are correct.

  • can you recommend an arca swiss rail that will fit grayboe phoenix

    We are currently working on a full length arca rail for the Phoenix.  Hope to have it done by summer.  Currently customers are using this rail,

  • Is Hawkins M5 BDL bottom metal similar to Garboe bottom metal?

    Yes all M5 bottom metal is the same spec.

  • What do the action screws need to be torqued to? 55 in/lbs? 65?

    we recommend 45 in lbs.

  • I have a Curtis Custom Vector. What inlet would I choose?

    Just added the Vector to the drop down menu, you can order the stock for it now!

  • Any idea if and when you guys will offer the phoenix for the savage 110 ultralite? You guys would make a killing considering there are like NO options out there.

    Don't have a hard set date yet on when we will be offering Savage rifle inlets on our stocks but we intend to at some point.  More than likely early next year.

  • I’m looking at Terminus kratos lite long action with Hawkins precision hunter DBM. Will this fit?

    Yes i believe the Hawkins is a M5 DBM footprint so your action and that bottom metal is indeed compatible with the Phoenix stock.

  • Can I get a Phoenix for tikka t3x with a non adjustable cheek piece? If so, will the stock be a few oz lighter in the end?

    Unfortunatley not, the Phoenix only comes with an adjustable c/p.

  • Will a Seekins Havak SA fit the Phoenix stock?

    It will but will require modification on the stock for the large bolt release to fit into the Phoenix stock.  Also, in the couple Havak actions we have seen here in shop, we've noticed that the Havak doesn't accept AICS magazines with M5 bottom metal.  The Havak should be compatible with a BDL floorplate though.

  • Will this stock fit a PTG B12 action? If so, what bottom metal BDM for 6.5 PRC with this stock?

    I'm not too familiar with the B12 action but after looking at some pics online it looks like it will be a true drop in to the Phoenix stock with no fitting required.  You can use a floor plate or M5 DBM with it.

  • Would this stock work for the stiller tac 338 action? I doing a 338 lapua build

    Unfortunately it won't fit, the stiller tac 338 has a longer overall length than a Rem 700 long action and won't fit our stocks.

  • Do you make them for Browning x bolt I would love have one thanks

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit X bolts.

  • Will your bottom metal (DBM) and magazine accomidate a 300 PRC? To avoid a mistake, please list the appropriate size. Thanks

    Yes it will, you'll want the CIP length M5 DBM.

  • What does the Bergara Camo look like?

    You can scroll down and see all our colors and finishes here,  The bergara camo is listed the 3rd stock down from the "painted finishes".

  • Can I use a CA ridge line long action bottom metal on a phoenix stock…if so what drop down item do I select?

    Yes you can, select "factory floor plate" for the bottom metal inlet.

  • Will there be an option in the future to have factory textured/checkered grip? Would be nice to have an option or accessory for rubber pad cheek as well.

    At this time we don't have plans to add texture panels to the mold or a rubber cheek pad.  However, you can get one here

  • Any updates on timing for a stock to fit a savage Ultralight La?

    Unfortunately we don't have a date set on when we'll be starting savage inlets.

  • What size is the barrel channel on the tikka t1x. Is it a contoured fit or straight 1.25" channel? Thank you Steve

    It is not contoured, its a straight channel on the Phoenix stock.  I'm not sure what contour is on the T1x.  Tikka would know for sure.

  • Will you be offering this or other stocks for the Ruger American in the future?

    Not sure at this time, if we do it won't be for a couple years.

  • Which inlet and action length would fit Bergara B-14R?

    You would want the Bergara B14 short action inlet.

  • Are there any plans to offer this stock for a weatherby vanguard/howa action? If so, what is the timetable?

    We will eventually but probably won't be until late next year sometime.

  • I am ordering a bighorn original action what bottom metal inlet would I need?

    Did you want a detachable magazine for the rifle or a floorplate?

  • Looking to put on a browning (Either 6.5 or 6.8 western) what option do I choose or is there an option to fit that?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Browning rifles at this time.

  • Will a 10.5 inch barrel extend past the fore end?

    If you are using a short action length it looks like it might just clear the tip of the forend by about 1/8".

  • Is there a night vision bridge that works with this stock? Thanks!

    Good question, I am not aware of a night vision mount that fits the Phoenix at this time.  Did you have a specific one in mind?

  • Will a 10-14in Arca Swiss rail be able to mount all the way back to the front action screw? It’s hard to tell if the forend is flat all the way to the front action screw or if it starts to taper

    No it won't, you have about 9" of total flat on the forend on the Phoenix stock.

  • Will the Phoenix stock fit a Tikka t3x 6.5x55 long action?

    Yes it will!

  • Does the cheekpiece come notched for the T3X cocking indicator?

    Yes it does.

  • Will you ever offer Savage options?

    Yes eventually.  Just don't have a hard set date on when that will be.

  • Can you put one of the old style green bubble levels in rather than the blue?

    Unfortunately not, we only have the blue level now.

  • Will you inlet for CIP length bottom metal and mags

    Yes we can do that, CIP bottom metal is the same inlet and outer dimension as a long action bottom metal.  We also sell CIP length bottom metal here,

  • Is it possible to get MLok panels included at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions?

    Unfortunately not, due to the lightening cuts on the forend we cannot install them there.

  • Are there any plans to offer a Mack Bros EVO inlet?

    We have yet to see one here in shop.  It appears to be a Rem 700 footprint and should work in a Phoenix stock inlet for a Rem 700.  However, you may need to modify the inlet in the stock slightly for the trigger hanger to have clearance and sit into the stock correctly.  This mod can be done with a steel file and take about 5 mins to do.

  • Is there any difference in the rem 700 inlet and the defiance anti x inlet?

    There is but not on a Phoenix stock.  We just list all the individual actions so customers can select their specific action.

  • I have a bighorn origin action and i want to put a criterion varmint contour with barrel nut. Will it fit?

    Yes it will drop right in.

  • I have a bergara b14 ridge and would like to run the Phoenix stock and convert it to a 5 round 270 aics mags. Is that a possible set up

    Yes it is, you'll just need AICS magazines for the .270 win round.  Do you already have a bottom metal that accepts AICS magazines?

  • The only bottom metal I can find in stock anywhere is Hawkins DBM. I'm doing a 300 PRC build so LA. I don't see that as an option in the build up. Is that the same size as any of the bottom metal options you specify for the Phoenix?

    We have bottom metal in stock here,  You would want the CIP length DBM  for a .300 PRC build i believe.  When ordering a stock, you would select "M5 style detachable box magazine".

  • I have a left hand browning x-bolt long range hunter with a walnut stock I would like to cut some weight on. Is there any options for this?

    Unfortunately our stocks dont' fit the Xbolt at this time.

  • I have a friend who has a custom 338 Lapua and is trying to get the weight down as much as possible, can the Phoenix handle a 338 Lapua, if so can other stocks?

    Yes all our stocks are made with our material to handle .338 lapua easily.

  • Can the stock withstand a 300 PRC?

    Yes it can.

  • One last question before I order... Thanks you for your patience. My Tikka T3x has Mountain Tactical Gen2 bottom metal, Model T3OEMDBM. Which bottom metal option do I select for use with the Phoenix stock?

    To my knowledge, the Mtn tactical bottom metal fits the factory plastic tikka T3 DBM footprint.

  • For stocks inletted for the Tikka T3, how do you deal with the recoil lug that Tikka uses?

    we install a new steel lug into the stock.

  • I see that the PHOENIX stock is aluminum pillar bedded. Is this sufficient to used by it self or is glass bedding still preferable. or necessary?

    glass bedding is not required or necessary.   We recommend bolting the rifle to the stock and go shooting.  If you think you can squeeze more accuracy out of it then you can decide to glass bed.

  • How does the "flush cup" sling mount system work?

    they are for quick detach loops for a sling, like seen here

  • If I purchase a Phoenix inletted for a Defiance Ruckus would it also fit a Big Horn Origin?

    Yes it will as long as both the ruckus and origin are either a long or short action length.

  • Hi, I'm looking for a left hand phoenix stock for a tikka t1x (. 22) could you advise what inlet I should be selecting for best fit. Thank you.

    Just added the T1x to the "action inlet" drop down selection!

  • I have an older Ruger M77 Target rifle with 26” bull barrel .308 Do you have a stock for that..?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Ruger M77's at this time.

  • Do you have any stocks that fit the Terminus Apollo Action?

    The Phoenix stock will fit the Terminus action.  I just added it to the "action inlet" drop down menu so it can now be selected!

  • Can MLOK rails be installed on the sides of the stock like on the Ridgeback?

    Unfortunately not, due to the lightening cuts on the sides of the forend we cannot install a MLOK rail there.

  • Could I take a Bergera approach and put the barrel and action on this stock? Does it have to keep the magazine or can it go with just a hinged floor plate?

    Yes you can select "Bergara Premier" for the action inlet and "factory bergara floorplate" for the bottom metal inlet selection and your Premier approach rifle will drop right in.

  • Are there any plans to have these stocks available to fit a Browning A Bolt action?

    eventually yes but just don't have a hard set date on when that would be.

  • Will this stock fit a tikka t3x in .300 win mag?

    it will be in the next couple weeks!

  • Will this stock fit a ruger m77 25-06?

    Unfortunatley at this time our stocks don't fit the ruger m77.

  • Will this stock fit a Bighorn TL3 Long Action?

    Yes it will, you can order the bighorn TL3 inlet in the "action inlet" selection when ordering.

  • Could sling swivel studs be added to this?

    We may be able to install a rear stud on the bottom of the buttstock and then i know you can get MLOK attachement studs on Amazon for the forend.  Email if you'd like to place an order with studs.

  • How long is the flat length under the indentation on both sides to the front of the stock. Looking to install an ARCA rail on the MLOK section in full.

    the bottom of the forend on a long action to the forend tip is about 10 inches.

  • I have an older TC Predator in 22-250. do you make a stock for it?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Thompson Center rifles at this time.

  • Will this chassis fit or come in howa or vanguard action soon?

    we hope to have it fitting the howa by mid 2021.

  • It's the bat igniter action

    We haven't seen one of these actions in shop yet but according to BAT it will drop into a Rem 700 inlet Phoenix stock so yes it will work!

  • Will the bat action fit in this stock

    It might, what model BAT action do you have?

  • Will this fit a Remington 700 with a remage barrel nut? Does the action need to be bedded?

    yes it will fit your barrel nut.  Our stocks do not require glass bedding.  We recommend once you receive the stock you just bolt the rifle on and go shoot.  Then if you think you can squeeze more accuracy out of it, then you can decide to glass bed it.

  • Will this fit a heavy Palma countor barrel?

    yes it will!

  • When will the tikka CTR be available?

    its looking like we are a couple weeks out.

  • Is it possible to get this stock with a BDL-type hinged floor plate inlet, instead of a DBM?

    we will have the BDL model available in a couple weeks.

  • Which inlet should I choose for a Bighorn RimX Action? Should I should TL3, or Rem 700?

    looks like the RimX is a total drop in to a Rem 700 inlet stock so I would order it for a Rem 700.  Side note, customers have told us that 2 thin washers are needed at the rear screw on the bottom metal for the magazines to feed correctly.

  • Will you be offering this with BDL style floorplate soon?

    yes, plan to have that out hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

  • Will a long action H.S. Precision DBM work with this stock?

    Currently it will not.  However, we are a month or so away from being able to have this DBM fit the Phoenix stock.  We will add it to the bottom metal selection menu when it comes available.

  • Any plans for Tikka T3/T3X actions?

    Yes we plan on having the Phoenix ready to accept the T3 in about a month.

  • Will this stock clear the trigger hanger on Kelbly and Impact actions?

    I'm not aware of the trigger hanger on an Impact action but yes we do modify the stock for the Kelbly Atlas one.  We could do the same cut for the Impact if need be.

  • Will is fit a CA ridgeline carbon wrapped barrel?

    yes it will!

  • Will it fit a proof research barrel with a sendero contour

    Yes it will.

  • I want to use your Ridgeback on a 6CM build that has a ARC nucleus. When selecting the inlet, should I choose the Mausingfield or standard R700 inlet?

    since it appears that the Nucleus is a true Rem 700 clone action, just select Rem 700 inlet.

  • Does the Detachable box mag bottom metal come with it?

    No the DBM does not come with the stock, it is purchased separately.

  • What material is the stock made out of?

    Its a carbon fiber & fiberglass epoxy resin composite mixture.

  • Any plans to offer this in multicam black?

    you bet, we just have to get one dipped to put up the photo on the website.  You can order one now if you want, email

  • Just purchased a tikka t3x super varmint and have ordered an atlasworxs bottom metal to upgrade the factory one. The options listed are different when ordering a 700 model. So does the up charge for the atlas btm just insure fitment?

    Thats correct, the atlasworkx bottom metal for the Tikka is not a factory T3 footprint so we have to put the stock up on the CNC machine and cut the stock to fit the Atlasworx DBM.

  • Would my tikka t3x CTR be using AICS mags or the factory mags?

    You will use factory Tikka mags like you do on you current rifle with your factory CTR bottom metal.

  • Can a stock be ordered for a Remington Model 7 ?

    Unfortunately our stocks only fit the Remington model 700 and 700 clone actions as well as the T3.  They don't fit the model 7.

  • What is the lead time on y’all’s stocks?

    approx 8 weeks on painted web and camo stocks and 12 weeks on hydro dip multicam, kryptek, kuiu, etc.

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Everett W.
United States United States
I recommend this product


The stock looks fantastic! I have the stock,action,trigger.. waiting on my barrel. If it shoot as well as it’s going to look… I will be extremely HAPPY!

Joshua N.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Awesome stock

Took exactly as long as they said it would so great on there estimated times and when I called they were fantastic at customer service and helping me out

David H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Very happy with my Phoenix

Put it on my Tikka 6.5 Creedmoor CTR and I am very happy with the outcome. Perfect fit. I like the M-lock system. Mounted a mini ARCA rail and I can take my bi-pod on and off in seconds. This is my second Grayboe, also have the Ridgeback on a Vudoo. Great stocks. Thanks.

Phillip C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Grayboe Phoenix

Great product bought one for a Tikka T3X it dropped right in no issues what so ever will be buying a Eagle in the near future Great customer service Great company.

Daniel W.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Outstanding Customer Service

What more can be said other than this is a true, we stand by our product and word, American company. I have been waiting to purchase a Grayboe stock for some time now and pulled the trigger recently. The stock was accidently made incorrectly. Grayboe recognized it and stand behind correcting it. Ryan was super helpful during the process. I will say I am no professional marksman, so I may not be able to comment on all of the pros/cons the Pheonix has vs other aftermarket stocks, but I can say I'm impressed. I love the look and more so, the feel of the GAP Splash Camo. The slight abrasiveness will suit me better when hunting. This will be the envy at hunting camp this year. Even to the old timers. Aside from this, I am really pleased with the service. Great service is hard to find in life these days. I will shop anywhere that the service is above and beyond. Grayboe is that kind of place. Just do me a favor and get some Swag back in stock!