Introduction: Grayboe, renowned for its innovation in rifle stocks, is excited to announce the launch of its latest finish – FiberWood. Merging the classic elegance of traditional wood stocks with the durability of modern materials, this new finish is set to transform your rifle into a piece of both art and function.

FiberWood: A Modern Take on Classic Elegance

FiberWood is not just a finish; it's a statement. Crafted from 100% fiberglass, it boasts a dark oak style finish that brings the warmth and richness of wood to your tactical stock. This unique blend appeals to those who cherish the traditional look of wood but demand the resilience and longevity of modern materials.

Available Across All Grayboe Stock Models

One of the most exciting aspects of FiberWood is its availability across all Grayboe stock models. Whether you own a tactical, hunting, or competition stock, you can now enhance it with the timeless appeal of dark oak. This universal availability ensures that every shooter can enjoy the blend of classic style and modern performance that FiberWood offers.

FiberWood - Durability Meets Style

While FiberWood pays homage to traditional aesthetics, it doesn't compromise on durability. As a fiberglass finish, FiberWood withstands elements and regular use. It's ideal for shooters who frequently use their rifles. From harsh weather conditions to the normal wear and tear of shooting, FiberWood maintains its appearance and integrity.

The Perfect Upgrade

For those looking to upgrade their rifle, FiberWood is a superb choice. At an additional charge of $150, it's an investment in both style and substance. This finish not only elevates the look of your rifle but also adds to its overall value, making it a worthwhile addition for any shooter.

Conclusion: Grayboe's FiberWood finish revolutionizes their lineup. It offers shooters a stock that blends traditional wood's beauty with modern fiberglass strength. Ideal for those valuing wood stock heritage yet seeking today's material advancements, FiberWood is poised to be highly sought after. Experience the best of both worlds with FiberWood, available now on all Grayboe stock models.

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