The Phoenix

For the last seven years I have been using my long-range competition rifles to hunt with. While the comfortability and accuracy were unparalleled, carrying a twenty-pound rifle around on all my hunts was becoming too much. I knew at some point I would have to build a specific hunting rifle to meet my needs.

Coincidentally at the same time I was looking to build a new rifle set up. The National Rifle League (NRL) announced their new series, NRL Hunter. The NRL Hunter series was now quickly becoming the inspiration for the new build. When considering the components, I had to take into consideration overall weight, price, and performance. Considering these three factors and after hours of research, I decided on using the Grayboe Phoenix as the platform for my new rifle setup. After getting my hands on the Phoenix I knew instantly I made the right choice as I envisioned hunting and competing with the build.





The Phoenix comes in at 32 ounces and is a very lightweight stock. When matched with a lightweight barreled action combination it’s not uncommon to see total gun weights from 6 to 9 lbs. I paired my Phoenix with a Zermatt tl3 action, a Proof Research carbon barrel and topped it with a Leupold Mark 5 5-25 scope in combination with American Rifle Company rings and my total weight is 9lbs 3oz.  


The Phoenix has a fully adjustable cheek rest which is essential for creating the perfect head alignment to the scope and ultimately providing a much more accurate repeatable rifle. The oversized knob used to tighten and loosen the cheek rest is very handy when raising and lowering the cheek rest for adjustability purpose. Grayboe includes a smaller set screw to use for permanent fixture if you don’t like having the oversized knob. 

Another added feature that adds to the overall adjustability of the stock is the included length of pull shims. Generally companies will charge extra for these shims and they can be a pain to install. The shims which are included with the Grayboe Phoenix are super easy to add in order to increase the overall length of pull. Simply remove the two set screws in the butt pad and you are on your way. 



Note the large adjustment knob for the cheek rest


Note the three additional shims inserted between the recoil pad and the stock


The forend of this gun is where Grayboe really knocks it out of the park. The Phoenix has a wide flat forend which makes it easy to use in the field when resting it on objects. The flat forend also provides a great mounting surface for bipods and arca rail attachments. I currently use the m-lok system to attach an arca-swiss rail plate that fits directly on my tripod



Atlas BT-65 NC bipod attached to arca rail
The other notable feature is the size of the barrel channel. The channel fits most all barrel contours and has extra room for a barrel nut. Having the ability to use a barrel nut provides an opportunity for the diy person to install their own pre-fit barrels themselves rather than the need of a gunsmith. I often switch between my Proof Research 6.5 creedmoor barrel and a Criterion .223 barrel for training purposes. One thing to note is thinner profile barrels might look odd in the wide channel.


  • The vertical grip provides a very natural feel to place your hand on, and the thumb shelf provides a very comfortable place for your thumb to rest when getting ready to execute your shot. 
  • The stock comes in a variety of colors and hydro-dipped patterns directly from Grayboe.
  • Another great feature is that this stock doesn’t require bedding which means its drop in ready. Take your barreled action and simply screw it in to your Phoenix and your good to go. The stock accepts all Remington 700 footprints and tikka T3’s which is great. 
  • Comes with a built in bubble level.
  • Price – You can find it for under $600!



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