Intro: The Tikka & Grayboe Connection

Own a Tikka rifle and pondering your stock options? Here's some good news: Grayboe offers stocks perfect for you. Keep reading to discover the nitty-gritty for models like T1X, T3, and T3X.

Deciphering Different Models

Before we dive in, let's break down the key Tikka models. T1, T1X, T3, and T3X—each one has unique attributes. Whether you're into sport shooting or hunting, Grayboe has compatible stocks designed just for these masterpieces.

Grayboe's Dynamic Duo for Tikka

Phoenix 2: Rising to the Occasion

Think about elevating your T3 or T3X experience with the Phoenix 2. With its ergonomic upgrades, this Grayboe stock ensures you'll be shooting comfortably, no matter how long you're out in the field. Advanced materials guarantee durability, reducing flex and vibration. So, your Tikka rifle, coupled with Phoenix 2, becomes an unbeatable long-range hunter.

Renegade: The All-Rounder

Aiming for a tactical or long-range hunting setup? The Renegade model serves Tikka owners like a dream. Designed for optimal stability and control, it fits various Tikka models like a tailored suit. Easy setup means you're good to go as soon as it arrives—no hassle, no delays.

Why Grayboe Stands Out

Why pick Grayboe? Well, aside from compatibility, you're also getting stocks built with precision and passion. Both the Phoenix 2 and Renegade are designed to boost your Tikka's performance in all scenarios—be it sport shooting or hunting.

Wrap-Up: A Perfect Match

So, can you pair a Grayboe stock with a Tikka rifle? Absolutely! And not just any stock—top-notch ones that amp up your game. Phoenix 2 and Renegade by Grayboe enhance models like T1X, T3, and T3X, making them a truly dynamic duo. Don't miss out on this match made in shooting heaven!

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Tyler Reed
Tyler Reed

January 03, 2024

Hey Blake – Thanks for asking!

You’d have to use your Factory Tikka CTR DBM or the Factory Tikka Plastic DBM. Hope this helps!

Blake sanders
Blake sanders

January 03, 2024

For the tikka stocks, what bottom metal can you use? You bottom metal allows for a longer bullet than the stock tikka which is only 3.4 😕

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