Grayboe M5 Floor Plate




The Grayboe M5 Floor Plate was created for 4 reasons:

  1. Not all bullets/calibers fit and feed well in AICS magazines.  Sometimes it just makes the most sense to use a tried and true Floor Plate bottom metal that you know will work.
  2. Detachable magazines can get lost, accidentally drop out or make noise and rattle when hunting.  Floor Plates are quiet and sit high and tight to the belly of the stock.
  3. Grayboe is converting all stocks to the M5 inlet going forward.  Our goal is to make custom stocks available as fast as possible to shooters.  Limiting custom machining/inletting speeds up this process.
  4. Now you can have 1 stock for hunting and range days.  Use the M5 Floor Plate for your hunt and switch back to a M5 DBM and run detachable mags the other 11 months out of the year. 

  • Anodized matte black for exceptional wear resistance
  • Fits all stocks inlet for a M5 bottom metal.  *If your stock is inlet for any other bottom metal this floor plate will not drop in.  Your stock must be inlet for a M5 bottom metal. 
  • Compatible with Rem 700 and 700 clone actions like Bergara, BigHorn, Stiller, Defiance, etc. 
  • Short length weighs 3 ounces, Long weighs 3.2 ounces
  • Smooth, sleek and snag free rounded trigger guard
  • Flush, snag free, inside the trigger guard hatch release lever
  • Compatible with Wyatt mag boxes
  • CNC machined out of billet aluminum
  • Compatible with wyatt extended mag boxes
  • Fits all Factory Rem 700 & aftermarket triggers 
  • New action screws included

** You will use your existing BDL magazine box, follower and spring with this M5 floor plate.  Just slide your follower spring out of your current BDL and slide it into the hatch of the M5 floor plate.  If you have a new custom rifle build and are in need of these BDL internal parts, please contact us.



Ask a Question
  • Is your long action M5 BDL ONLY compatible with a Wyatt Extended Length mag box or will my standard long action box work?

    it is compatible with a wyatt mag box.

  • Is the hinged plate removable when you want to convert to a DBM, or does it just flip forward?

    You will remove the entire floor plate and then bolt a M5 DBM bottom metal in its place.

  • RE: The question about 300PRC. To be clear..... I would need to buy the Wyatt box in addition to the GRAYBOE M5 FLOOR PLATE (, correct?

    Yes you will need the wyatt mag box and a follower spring to use in conjunction with the M5 floor plate.

  • This may be a silly question but I have never run a floor plate on a custom rifle. What is the max COAL for a LA floor plate? Can you run longer cartridges such as 300PRC?

    with a wyatt extended mag box you can get out to 3.850".  This floor plate is compatible with a .300 PRC.

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Stephen D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Wrong item.

Sorry, You sent me the WRONG item. I already have a “M5 bottom metal for Magazine”. Now I have 2. I ordered a M5 FLOORPLATE. As you suggested in your description, the floorplate can be switched with the Magazine settup, to allow both target and hunting with the same rifle. (please double check: I believe I placed the order correctly)



Hi Stephen, Terribly sorry about that, going to head out there right now and slap someone in shipping. Then going to send you the M5 floor plate you ordered right now and email you a return label for the wrong item sent. My apologies about this hassle!