Grayboe OEM Manufacturers

The Process

Being the last and only true McMillan owned company in the industry, Grayboe has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing bolt rifle products. Whether it be rifle stocks, bottom metals, recoil pads, or hardware, we can create products that will fit your needs and specifications and have been doing so for many years. Grayboe is also capable of large volume manufacturing and can easily meet large quantity demands with a quick turn around time. 

Our Stocks

The Eagle

Grayboe's newest stock, the Eagle adapts to any hunting environment. Lightweight, universal inletting, 60° AH grip, adjustable to fit any size shooter and weighs approx 38oz.    

The Trekker

Designed with the backcountry hunter in mind. Heavy on the details, light on everything else. Fits any size shooter at approx 28 ounces.    

The Pheoenix

The lightest, most versatile stock on the planet. Fully adjustable to each individual shooter weighing approx 39 ounces!   

The Ridgeback

All the bells & whistles. Fully adjustable butt stock and MLOK rail compatible forend are just a few reasons the Ridgeback is the choice for PRS and extreme long range shooters.    

The Renegade

Versatile stock with vertical grip, beavertail forend and butt hook. The Renegade was built for any situation in any environment.    

The Terrain

Combining the best elements of a hunting and tactical stock. The Terrains smooth and classic lines paired with a comfortable vertical grip make it ideal for the long range hunter. Approx 38 ounces!    

The Outlander

Mostly known as the Remington 700 American Wilderness Rifle stock. The Outlander has a traditional feel with straight comb and classic hunting grip. Approx 32oz overall weight.    

Bottom Metals




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