Grayboe, a leading player in the rifle stock industry, proudly introduces the second generation Phoenix Stock. With detailed engineering, the Phoenix 2 Stock offers enhanced functionality and versatility, revolutionizing precision shooting.

New Phoenix 2 Cheek Piece

The strategic relocation of the cheek piece stands out as one of the most significant improvements in the Phoenix 2 Stocks. We moved it more to the rear. And we have removed the need for an ugly notch in the front of the cheek piece. This new design allows all long and short action bolts to easily cycle rounds, ensuring a seamless shooting experience.


In addition to the improved cheek piece placement, we have eliminated the cheek piece rear guide post. This advancement enables shooters to easily elevate the cheek piece with just one hand, providing swift and hassle free adjustments. Furthermore, we have repositioned the rear flush cups on the sides of the butt stock. This aligns the sling more accurately with the center of bore on the rifle.

Another notable upgrade to the Phoenix 2 Stock is the addition of a rear bottom flush cup. Its specific design allows for easy shoulder carry. Additionally, this multi purpose feature, also known as the "butt hook," allows users to employ their sling to pull the rifle into their shoulder with their off hand. This creates more control and stability.

Single MLOK Rail

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Phoenix 2 Stock maintains the versatility and adaptability that shooters have come to expect. The forend retains four MLOK slots, now incorporated into a single long rail rather than two short ones. Moreover, we have integrated two quick detach inserts for your sling loop at the front and rear of the rail. This ensures easy attachment and detachment.

In response to user feedback, we have lengthened the vertical grip by 1/4", providing an improved ergonomic grip that enhances comfort and control. Additionally, the newly designed adjustable cheek riser enables the extraction of the rifle's bolt without completely removing the cheek piece. Thereby saving valuable time during intense shooting sessions.

"The Phoenix 2 Stock represents a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering cutting edge rifle stocks," said Ryan McMillan, Owner at Grayboe. "With its advanced features and user centric design, the Phoenix 2 Stock empowers shooters to achieve higher levels of precision and performance."


The Phoenix 2 Stock will be available starting June 6th, 2023 at authorized dealers and through our official website, For more information and to stay updated on product news, please visit

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