The Trekker Rifle Stock

Stay level. Shoot straight.

Firstly, a canted rifle can alter your point of impact downrange especially over long distances, and with the Trekker Rifle Stock, before taking your 600 yard shot, glance down at your level, adjust and make that kill shot.


The Trekker Rifle Stock - Not everyone is built the same.

Fit the length of your stock to your build. Firstly, stay on target. Secondly, be comfortable and thirdly, use optimal eye relief location, see down your scope & mitigate recoil are all reasons why fitting the length of your stock to you is paramount.


Most custom actions are not Rem 700 clones.

Sure the action diameter, length and screw hole location is the same, however, 80% of custom “Rem 700 clone” actions will not perfectly fit a Rem 700 stock. Unless there is modification for the bolt release, trigger hanger or ejection port length to name a few. Universal action inlets fix that.


Universal is the future.

A universal barrel inlet on the Trekker Rifle Stock provides clearance for just about all aftermarket & factory barrel contours. All while providing increased air flow to keep your barrel cool. Shot out your factory barrel? Upgrade to a new custom barrel without having to modify the stock.


Old school or New school.

In addition there are two front stud mounts for the real O.G.’s who like to still run a Harris bipod and Uncle Mike’s sling loop. Or unscrew those studs and mount a picatinny rail using those stud holes and attach your Atlas bipod with QD loop.

Trekker Rifle Stock - Grip Vertical.

Keeping your hand in its most natural position. For example, allowing your index finger to slightly press the trigger while your other fingers are pulling the rifle into your shoulder. And giving you more control of the muzzle direction and recoil management.

Who likes cereal?

Removing extra weight where it’s not needed without compromising structural integrity. 

Some of us like to eat our cereal out of it too 😉

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