When it comes to riflestocks, the name Grayboe is synonymous with unmatched quality, durability, and reliability. As innovation rolls on, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the family, the Eagle Riflestock. Tailored to fulfill the needs of avid hunters, the Eagle promises not just to meet but exceed your expectations. So, what makes the Eagle Riflestock a game-changer? Let’s dive right in!

Seamless Design Meets Unbeatable Performance

From the drawing board to the finished product, the Eagle Riflestock stands as a testament to Grayboe's commitment to engineering excellence. The streamlined design echoes our Eagle Pro model but pares down to the absolute essentials. If you're a hunter who demands reliable performance without the extra bells and whistles, this is the stock for you.

Eagle Riflestock Features That Truly Matter

Adjustable Length of Pull (LOP)

Forget the hassle of ‘one-size-fits-all.’ With an adjustable Length of Pull ranging from 12.75" to 14", the Eagle Riflestock adapts to your specific needs, providing an ergonomic and comfortable shooting experience.

Stud Mounts Galore

Our Eagle Riflestock is equipped with 3 sling stud mounts, one in the back and two upfront, ensuring you have all the mounting options you could ever need for slings and bipods.

A Featherweight Champion

Weighing in at approximately 33 ounces, the Eagle is a lightweight marvel that doesn't compromise on performance.

Traditional But Modern

The traditional design is elegantly coupled with a straight comb in the buttstock, offering a familiar yet modern feel to your shooting experience.

Universal Barrel Channel

Compatibility issues? Say no more! The Eagle Riflestock’s universal barrel channel fits all barrel contours up to and including proof research sendero.

Grip and Recoil

A 60° M4 Style Grip and a 1" Grayboe "G" Recoil Pad ensure that you hold steady when it's time to pull the trigger.

The Eagle Riflestock is Built to Last

One of the many strengths of this stock is its robust material composition. Engineered to endure the toughest environmental conditions, this stock resists warping and maintains its structural integrity even in extreme temperatures. The built-in recoil absorption features make sure your shooting experience remains comfortable, allowing you to focus better and shoot more accurately.

Universally Compatible 

Another reason to love the Eagle Riflestock? Its universal inlet fits all Remington 700s and 700 clones. As Ryan McMillan, our CEO, aptly puts it, the Eagle eliminates the need for additional adjustments, saving both time and money. When other stocks may require costly modifications, the Eagle slides in effortlessly.

No Frills, Just Thrills

Unlike its sibling, the Eagle Pro, which comes with extra features like a cheek piece and flush cups, the Eagle Riflestock is all about the core functionalities that matter most to hunters. If it’s a no-nonsense, high-performance riflestock you’re after, the Eagle is your go-to choice.

Elevate Your Game with the Eagle Riflestock

When it comes to riflestocks, you could settle for the rest, or you can aim for the best. The Eagle Riflestock merges exceptional performance and convenience, designed to enhance your hunting experience to new heights. If reliability, simplicity, and top-tier performance are what you seek, look no further.

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