Firstly, when it comes to precision shooting, the compatibility of your rifle components can make all the difference. Secondly, Kauger Arms, known for its high-quality actions, offers a range of Remington 700 clones that perfectly fit Grayboe stocks. Lastly, in this article, we’ll explore how Kauger actions, including the VPR SST and Elite series, are compatible with Grayboe stocks, and why this combination is ideal for shooters seeking accuracy and reliability.

Why Choose Kauger Arms Actions?

Shooters praise Kauger Arms actions for their precision engineering and smooth operation. In addition, designed as Remington 700 clones, these actions offer exceptional performance and compatibility with a variety of rifle stocks. Here are some key features of Kauger Arms actions:

  • Precision and Smoothness: Each action is meticulously crafted to ensure smooth bolt cycling and enhanced accuracy.
  • Safety Features: The bolt includes a gas shield, providing added safety and reliability.
  • Versatility: Kauger Arms actions are available in various configurations, including short and long actions, as well as specialized models like the Dual Port Benchrest and CRS (Competitive Rifle Sports) actions.

Key Kauger Arms Actions Compatible with Grayboe Stocks

  1. VPR SST Action Short

    • Description: This short action is designed for precision and smooth operation. It includes a gas shield for added safety.
    • Price: $890.00
  2. VPR SST Action Long

    • Description: Similar to the short action but designed for long action rifles. It offers the same precision and safety features.
    • Price: $905.00
  3. Dual Port Benchrest "BR"

    • Description: A short action single shot with a left side loading port and right side eject. Ideal for benchrest shooting.
    • Price: $1,098.00
  4. VPR SST .338 Lapua Magnum Action RH

    • Description: Specifically designed for the powerful .338 Lapua Magnum, this action offers superior strength and reliability.
    • Price: $948.00
  5. Elite Short Action (Light Weight)

    • Description: Weighing 23 ounces, this lightweight action maintains the durability and smooth cycling of the VPR series.
    • Price: $1,295.00

Benefits of Pairing Kauger Arms Actions with Grayboe Stocks

Enhanced Accuracy and Stability

  • Perfect Fit: Grayboe stocks are designed to accommodate Remington 700 clones, ensuring a seamless fit with Kauger Arms actions.
  • Improved Stability: The combination of a sturdy Grayboe stock with the precision engineering of Kauger Arms actions results in unparalleled stability and accuracy.

Customization and Versatility

  • Multiple Configurations: With various action models available, shooters can customize their rifles to meet specific needs, whether for hunting, competitive shooting, or long-range precision.
  • Stock Options: Grayboe offers a range of stock designs, from the traditional-style Renegade to the tactical Ridgeback, all compatible with Kauger Arms actions.

Durability and Performance

  • High-Quality Materials: Both Kauger Arms and Grayboe use premium materials in their products, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance in any condition.
  • Consistent Performance: The combination of these components provides consistent performance, shot after shot.


Lastly, combining Kauger Arms actions with Grayboe stocks creates a highly reliable and accurate rifle setup, ideal for shooters looking for the best performance. Whether you're using a VPR SST Action or an Elite Short Action, these Remington 700 clones are designed to fit perfectly with Grayboe stocks, offering enhanced stability, customization options, and superior durability. Upgrade your rifle today with Kauger Arms actions and Grayboe stocks for an unbeatable shooting experience.

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