Grayboe M5 DBM - Remington 700



If you have a Remington 700 or clone and you are in the process of buying a Grayboe stock with the DBM inlet, this Grayboe Detachable Box Magazine is a must-have!  


  • Anodized matte black for exceptional wear resistance
  • Accepts all AICS type magazines.  Magpul mags can be finicky and may not work. 
  • Compatible with Rem 700 and 700 clone actions like Bergara, BigHorn, Stiller, Defiance, etc. 
  • Fits all stocks inlet for a M5 bottom metal.  *If your stock is inlet for any other bottom metal this floor plate will not drop in and may require some fitting if your stock is not a Grayboe.  Your stock must be inlet for a M5 bottom metal.  
  • CNC machined out of billet aluminum
  • Barricade stop in front of magazine well
  • Short weighs 4oz, Long weighs 6.5oz, CIP length weighs 5.8oz
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • New action screws included
  • Easy to use and snag free


Ask a Question
  • Is cip for 338?

    yes thats correct.

  • Is the CIP length M5 DBM a drop in replacement for the Bergara HMR Wilderness long action?

    Unfortunately not, the Bergara factory DBM is a totally different footprint than an M5 DBM.

  • I bought a GRAYBOE TERRAIN STOCK LA M5 stock from bergara will this work for my the stock

    Yes if your stock is indeed cut out for a M5 bottom metal our Grayboe M5 DBM will drop right in.

  • I have a Remington 700 bdl, I am wanting to change to dbm. The stock is an H and S precision, will the inlet drop in? Also, what mags work best?

    Unfortunately not, the M5 DBM is a larger footprint  than a BDL floor plate so the bottom of your stock would need to be opened up to accept the M5 DBM.  AICS magazines from MDT or Accurate mag work best.

  • I have a remington 700 XCR 308W, the stock is BDL long range tactical short action it´s consistent with your Grayboe M5 DBM and how many time do you send it???

    Not 100% sure what your asking here but your Rem 700 XCR is compatible with our Grayboe M5 DBM as long as your stock is cut out for a M5 DBM.  If not, your stock will need to be opened up to fit the M5 DBM's footprint.


    As long as your stock is cut out for a M5 DBM and the defiance action is a Rem 700 short action screw hole spacing it will work.

  • Will this fit a Christensen Mesa Long Range 308?

    Yes it is compatible with your action.  As long as your stock is cut out for a M5 DBM than this bottom metal will drop in and feed mags.

  • Do you have a dbm that would fit a defiance tenacity xm? I'm doing a 300wsm build.

    Unfortunately not, our stocks nor our bottom metals fit the XM.

  • What length do I need for a rem 700 338 RUM

    You need the Long CIP length.

  • Will your long cip DBM FIT MY REMINGTON 700 LONG RANGE 300 RUM?

    Yes the CIP DBM is meant to use aics magazines that are 3.850" in length.

  • Approximately how much will the Bergara Wilderness Ridge 308 stock need to be opened to fit this bottom metal?

    quite a bit, i would recommend having a skilled gunsmith do it.

  • Would this fit a Bergara b14 ridge 308?

    It is compatible with your B14 rifle but your stock will need to be opened up for the bottom metal to fit into the stock.  It is not a drop in replacement.

  • Hello, I have one of your Long Action M5 DBM's that was originally for a 300 win mag. I am now wanting to use this same bottom metal for a 338 Lapua. Will a 338 AICS CIP mag fit into this or do I have to get a CIP length bottom metal?

    Unfortunately you'll need a CIP length DBM for the .338 lapua cartridge.

  • Will this fit an HS Precision Stock PST006 for Remington 700 SA?

    It will fit any stock that is inlet for a M5 DBM bottom metal.  What bottom metal is on your stock currently?

  • Is it close to surgeon dbm m5 rem 700 LA ?

    No the Surgeon DBM is a larger inlet or foorprint than a M5 DBM.

  • Will this Bottom Metal fit Magpul 700 Hunter stock?

    It won't, all M5 style bottom metal will need the stock inlet or cut to fit the M5 footprint.

  • I have a grayboe stock and would like to switch from a long action DBM to a Long CIP DBM. Will I need to fit the channel in the bottom of the stock to switch?

    No sir you won't, the CIP DBM fits into any stock inlet for a long action DBM.

  • I have a Christensen Arms Mesa 300win mag, will one of your bottom metals fit this and will I need to modify anything to make it fit? Thanks!

    as long as your stock is cut out for a M5 style bottom metal our Grayboe M5 DBM will fit.  If your current stock is cut out for a floor plate, then the bottom of the stock would need to be opened up to fit the M5 DBM.

  • I'm building a rifle with a Grayboe A5 style stock using a Kelbly Atlas Tactical action in .223. Do you make a bottom metal that would accept .223 mags?

    As long as you use .223 AICS magazines our bottom metal will work.

  • Bergara B14 Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor. Will it work? Can’t find the Bergara RMKB14S Short Action Magazine Conversion Kit

    Our M5 DBM is compatible with the Bergara action but your stock will need to be modified to fit the M5 DBM.  M5 bottom metal is a larger footprint than the factory floor plate that is currently on your rifle.

  • What do I need for 28 nosler Christensen arms ridgeline long action or long action cip? And also what magazines would I need? Will eventually be putting on the grayboe Phoenix stock as well if that changes anything

    You would want the CIP length DBM and the CIP length 3.850" magazines.

  • Can the tension on the mag release be adjusted so when I'm hunting I don't snag on something and drop a mag?

    Unfortunately not, unless you are able to source a different spring that has more tension.  You can punch out the pin that the mag release lever pivots on, remove the lever and install your new spring and then punch the pin back into place.

  • What do I need for a 28 Nosler. I know it’s a long action and it will be fitting into a trekker stock.

    You'll want the CIP length Grayboe DBM and aics magazines for a .338 lapua.  You can get those magazines here,

  • Will the new seekins carbon fiber long mags work in the CIP length DBM?

    As long as the seekins mags are AICS style they will work in our M5 CIP length DBM.

  • Hi! If I have a standard Remington 700 ADL with the blind magazine will I need a different magazine box? Do I need a magazine box at all when I convert the rifle to a DBM and buy a new stock with the DBM cutout? I am very new to this so my apologies if this is a stupid question.

    There are no stupid questions!  You will need an AICS magazine to click into the Grayboe M5 DBM for your caliber rifle, like seen here  Are you purchasing a new stock for this rifle as well?

  • Will this DBM or your Hunter DBM work with a BDL cut action like the Bergara Ridge Rifle?

    Unfortunately it won't, all M5 DBM's like ours are a different footprint than a BDL inlet.  The bottom of your stock would need to be modified/opened up to fit the DBM.

  • Will your m5 bottom metal fit a choate stock that’s inleted for badger ordnance?

    If your choate stock is inlet for a M5 badger DBM then yes ours will drop right in.

  • What is the magazine overall length acceptable in the Long CIP bottom metal?


  • American Rifle Company magazines work?

    If the ARC magazines are to the same spec and AICS magazines then yes it will work.  I looked on ARC's website and it appears they are a AICS mag footprint.

  • Will the Magpul short action bottom metal fit in the Phoenix stock ? I have one I just picked up for my factory B&C stock. Just trying to save some $$ for now.

    Unfortunately the Magpul bottom metal has a different foot print than the M5 bottom metal like ours so it won't fit without modifiation.  If you would like to send us your bottom metal when ordering a Phoenix stock we could do the mods here for you so that it will fit.

  • What is the center to center demention for receiver bolts?

    it depends on whether its a short or long action you will be using the DBM with.  The center to center holes match a Remington 700 short and long screw spacing.

  • Will this fit the oem stock of Bergara’s short action HMR Pro in .308 Win?

    The premier HMR pro's factory stock is inlet for a factory Bergara bottom metal which is a different/larger footprint than the Grayboe DBM.  Unfortunately it is not compatible.

  • I have your ridgeback and a vudoo barrels action. Will your bottom metal work with their mag?

    Yes it will.

  • What is the difference between your GRAYBOE DBM REMINGTON 700 & your GRAYBOE HUNTER DBM REMINGTON 700 and will either one fit in a Magpul Hunter 700 Remington 700 stock

    The 2 main differences are that the Hunter DBM has a flush mag release with the trigger guard and is flush with the bottom of the stock where the Grayboe DBM is not.  They both have an M5 footprint which is different than the magpul DBM so they won't fit in a stock inlet for a magpul DBM unless you open up the bottom of the stock to accept them.

  • I have a 28 nosler. Do I need long or long CIP for the mad length? I’m not sure of the difference.

    You'll want a CIP length bottom metal for that caliber i believe.

  • Will a Magpul 223 magazines fit the short action DBM?

    Yes they will if they are AICS style.

  • Does this bottom metal come with a clip?

    It does not, just the bottom metal.  We do sell certain magazines as well listed here,

  • I have a Grayboe Outlander with a Remington 700 in 30-06. It has a metal floor plate and internal magazine of four capacity. Will the Grayboe DBM fit?

    The stock will need to be modified to the fit the Grayboe DBM.  It is not a drop in replacment.  Email and we can quote on getting that done if you'd like.

  • You guys might have already answered this question, but I just want to double check...I recently purchased a Ridgeback stock and your DBM in Long CIP for a 338 Lapua rifle build I'm in the process of doing. My question is what AICS magazines do you recommend for this configuration? I would like to get 10 round mags (if possible), but I'm not sure if they're available in 10 rounds. From what I can tell, I only see 5 round mags and those mags appear to be stacked in line when entered into the mag. Again, not sure what options I have and would greatly appreciate some direction from your team. Thanks, Mike

    We are not aware of a 10 round magazine for the .338 lapua, just 5 round which you can purchase here,  The 3.850" CIP length mag should work but double check your catridge over all length and the specs listed in that link before purchasing.

  • Does this work with the Magpul REM 700 hunter stock?

    Unfortunately not, the magpul bottom metal that comes on that stock is a different footprint than the Grayboe DBM.

  • Will this and your hunter model drop into a Hogue stock that has has an inlet for an m5 style bottom metal?

    yes it will!

  • Is this a direct drop in replacement for a BDL floor plate in a Remington factory HS Precision Sendero stock?

    No this is a magazine fed bottom metal where the stock needs to have a M5 inlet for it to drop in.

  • Will the Grayboe Remington 700 DBM bottom metal fit in a stock cut for a Badger M5 DBM bottom metal?

    yes it will, it will drop right in.

  • What length do I need for a 280 Ackley Improved? Long or Long CIP?

    you would use a long bottom metal for that round.

  • Which manufacturer and model of Mag fits this bottom metal (Grayboe DBM) for use in a Grayboe Ridgeback with Remington 700 Short Action in 223 Remington? The 223 Remington seems to be the kicker here...really need your recommendation...

    Any AICS magazine will work in the Grayboe DBM.  You can get a mag for it here,

  • I have a Bergara b14 hmr I shoot in tournaments and I would like to have a barricade stop. Would I be able to drop this DBM into the Bergara stock without trouble?

    Unfortunately the Bergara bottom metal currently on your rifle is a larger footprint the the Grayboe M5 DBM.  The Grayboe DBM will not drop into your currrent Bergara stock.

  • If I purchase a renegade stock for my Remington 700 30-06, and I purchase the dbm option with the stock. Does a magazine come with it? If not. What magazine can I purchase from you that will fit my 30-06 rounds?

    Magazines do not come with the stock but can be purchased.  This is the mag you would need

  • What length do I need for a 30-06 long action?

    You would want a long action DBM.

  • Howdy, Just received a new Ridgeback stock and your DBM (not purchased direct from you). Great looking stock and the inletting is very nice. Your description lists new action screws but I cannot find them in packaging. Can you tell me the length so maybe I can source some from local industrial hardware supply? Thanks in advance.

    My apologies whoever you purchased the stock from did not send the screws with the DBM.  Please email and we'll get a set sent your way asap!

  • What magazines are you aware of that work with this DBM and the 300 Winchester Mag round? The video is great but he's using a short-action Remington for a reference and the magazine choices for that configuration are much better. Also, does your DBM come with at least one magazine?

    All AICS magazines work with our long action bottom metal.  Accurate mag, MDT, AI and Magpul all work with it.  Magazines are purchased separately.  They do not come with a magazine.

  • What dbm do you recommend for your Neo stock?

    The NEO has a built in DBM so all you need are mags.

  • Would this work with a remington 700- 30-06?

    yes it will.  if you're converting from a BDL floor plate to a DBM your stock will need to be opened up on the bottom to accept the new DBM bottom metal.

  • What Length do I need for a Remington 700 .300WM in a H-S Precision Pro-Series M24 Vertical Grip Tactical stock - long or long CIP?

    for a .300 wm caliber you would want a long DBM.  However, your stock will need to be inlet on the bottom for M5 bottom metal for our DBM to drop in and fit.

  • Will your DBM for a short action Remington model 700 fit a Bell and Carlson m40 stock without any modification or in letting issues?

    as long as the B&C stock is cut out for a M5 style DBM it will drop right in.

  • What is the alloy used on the bottom metal?

    T6 6061 billet aluminum.

  • Will this fit a bergara stoke 6.5 creedmoor

    only if your stock is opened up to fit a M5 bottom metal. Which, if you currently have the floor plate model, won't work.

  • Will this fit a 700 SPS factory synthetic stock? I'm not sure if my stock has an M5 inlet.

    Unfortunately not, your stock would need to be opened up to accept an M5 bottom metal.

  • does the greyboe M5 CIP R700 use the 3.850 OAL magazine

    yes thats correct.

  • M5 DBM Short Action restock?

    Just came back in stock!

  • I am building a 338 Lapua with Kratos X from terminus I have a long action AG Composites stock I have used y’all’s long action bottom metal before but never the cip just wanted to make sure it would work in a normal long action

    if your .338 lapua magazines are 3.850" in length you'll need the CIP bottom metal but it will still fit in a stock that is cut for a long length M5 bottom metal.

  • I bought the ridgeback for my bergara hmr pro 300prc. If I wanted to replace my bottom metal would the m5 dmb cid be a drop in or would I need to open up the stock ?

    The bergara bottom metal is wider around the magazine well and more narrow around the front and rear screw holes so a M5 bottom metal won't fit a stock already inlet for a bergara dbm.  However, if you wanted to get a CIP length M5 DBM we could machine the stock for you so it would work.  There would just be a small gap around the magazine well area on the bottom metal due to the bergara inlet being wider there.  hope that makes sense.

  • If my greyboe stock is inleted for this bottom metal... Will a PTG m5 bottom metal go right fit as well

    Yes it should

  • i have a B&C tactical stock with hinged floor plate can this be used in with some work?

    There will be quite a bit of materail that will need to be removed to get the M5 DBM to fit and you'll need to get the depth right as well so the mags feed.  Its not an easy job.

  • Installing the M5 DBM in my Remington 700 LA, what magazine should I purchase for my 7 PRC?

    You would want this mag,  You may need to bend the feed lips on the mag slightly open so the rounds sit high enough to feed nicely.

  • Do AI AW mags fit?

    they may depending on the caliber but we recommend AICS mags only.

  • Do I need a CIP or CIP+ for a .300 PRC?

    you would need the CIP length and a 3.850" length magazine for the .300 PRC.

  • Helllo, Can I use your M5 with a stock McMillan A5 for my Remington 700LR? Do you send this item to France? Thank you and have a nice day

    Yes if your stock is inlet for a M5 bottom metal.  yes we can ship to France one you register with our exporter here,

  • Which will accommodate a 300 RUM ?

    what length is your aics magazine?  is it 3.715" or 3.850" in length?

  • Will I get a good feed using a CIP magazine for my 300 Winchester win mag?

    Yes you will, you'll need a 3.850" length aics mag for a cip bottom metal.

  • have a bergara b-14 hmr in .300 win mag and wanted to use the "long CIP" - assumed this will need minor fitting- wanted to make sure the bolt holes lined up- and mag well would fit

    you will have to modify the belly of the stock to get the M5 DBM to fit.  i wouldn't call it minor but its not impossible.  the mag well area should be good, you'll just have to open up the area and around the screw holes at the front and rear.

  • I have a bergara ridge will that drop on mine

    unfortunately not, the M5 bottom metal has a different foot print/inlet than a factory Bergara bottom metal.  The bottom of your stock would have to be opened up to accept it.

  • I have a Remington 700 sps tactical. Nothing fancy. Just got it. Wanting to covert to a mag. System. Will this fit? (M5 DBM)

    Yes it will as long as the stock you have is inlet for M5 bottom metal.  The M5 bottom metals are not a factory Remington replacement bottom metal.  They are a larger footprint/inlet.

  • Will it fit on a woox stock

    Yes it will if the woox stock is inlet for a M5 bottom metal.

  • I have a Remington 700 sps tactical in a hogue stock will the m5 BDM work?

    M5 bottom metals only fit stocks inlet for M5 bottom metal.  If you have a BDL floor plate currently, your Hogue stock would need to be modified and opened up to accept the M5 bottom metal.

  • Im looking for dbm conversion magazine kit for remington 700 30-06 And magazine 5 You have any?

    As long as your stock is inlet for a M5 bottom metal than our bottom metals will work with a 30-06 aics magazine that you can get here,

  • Will this bottom metal prevent the magazine from getting pushed up in the way of the bolt and prevent it from closing?

    If you push on the mag it will go up into the action and prevent the bolt from closing.  As with all AICS mags, if you leave the mag hanging and resting on the mag release lever the bolt will fully cycle and you can close it.

  • M5 DPM come with shims and new action screws? Thanks

    It does not come with shims but does come with new action screws.

  • I have a rem 700 LA bdl dm. Being the dm, the action does not have feed rails. If I were to replace the stock, could the gun be converted to M5?

    yes as long as the stock is cut for a M5 DBM your action is compatible.

  • i am wanting to use the M5 in a Remington 7 MM Mag. What magazine will work with this round?

    any .300wm magazine will work like this one,

  • I have a Remington 700 in .300 win Mag. Do I need the long action DBM Bottom Metal or the CIP?

    For a .300wm you would need the long action length M5 DBM.

  • Is the CIP for 300 rum?

    If your AICS magazine is 3.715" in length you want the standard long action length M5 DBM.  If your AICS mag is 3.850" in length you'll want the CIP length.

  • Apologies if this question has already been asked. Which of your bottom metal/detach mag setups do I need for my Remington 700 5R AWR (American Wilderness Rifle) in Grayboe stock, calibre .300 RUM (Remington Ultra Mag) ? Thank you!

    That will depend on the length of your AICS magazines.  If you have the 3.715" length then you'll want a the standard long action length M5 DBM.  If you have 3.850" length AICS mags you'll want the CIP length M5 DBM.

  • Is the CIP length the correct one to order if I want to load .300 win mag cartridges to max overall length?

    It all depends on what magazine length you are using, the CIP takes 3.850" lenght magazines.

  • Would I use the cip length to load .300wm to 3.85” oal?

    Yes sir you are correct.

  • What mag will i need for a 6.5 Creed More

    this one or this one

  • Will this work on my Remington 700 6.5 Creed More?

    yes it will using AICS magazines like this,


    yes it will as long as your stock is cut out for a M5 DBM bottom metal.

  • Will this fit a Bergara Highlander in 6.5 PRC?

    The bottom of the stock will need to be opened up to fit the M5 DBM by either a gunsmith or us.

  • What’s the weight of both short action and long action bottom metal?

    • Short weighs 4oz, Long weighs 6.5oz, CIP length weighs 5.8oz

  • Would this fit a stock Remington 700 PSS in .308?

    Unfortunatley not, all M5 bottom metal is a larger footprint than factory Remington bottom metal.  Your stock will need to be opened up to fit the Grayboe M5 DBM.

  • Is the CIP bottom the same as what comes on the Bergara ridgeback in 300prc? If will the CIP length MDT mags fit?

    Yes it is, a 3.850" CIP length MDT magazine will fit.

  • Will this fit the Winchester XPR Renegade stock since its a mock Greyboe Renegade chassis?

    Unfortunately not, a M5 DBM is a completely different footprint than the factory XPR bottom metal.

  • Is this bottom metal supposed to come with pillars to insure proper spacing between the action and the bottom metal?

    We do not provide pillars with the bottom metal but the spacing you need is .720" on the front screw and 1.070" on the rear for a short action.  Long action is .690" on the front and 1.070" on the rear.

  • I can directly put this in a Bergara b14 ridge? And use aics mags or Magpul?

    Unfortunatley not, the stock will need to be modified and opened up to accept any M5 bottom metal like our Grayboe M5 DBM.  It is not a drop in replacement.

  • so ive got a .300 Weatherby Magnum will this stock work for it? Does it come with any mags?

    As long as you have an AICS magazine it will work with our bottom metal.  I believe you can get a .300 win mag magazine and adjust the feed lips to work with your .300wby.

  • Does the Begara Ridgeback stock have an M5 DBM or is it modified to different specs? Does this Grayboe M5 DBM - Remington 700 fit in their Ridgeback stock?

    yes the bergara Ridgeback comes with a Grayboe M5 DBM.  Our Grayboe M5 DBM fits any stock inlet for a M5 DBM including the Ridgeback.

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Charles P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

M5 bottom metal

Seems like good quality mag fits tight and would buy again thank you !

Randall W.
United States United States

Great bottom metal

Best bottom metal i ever had

Christopher C.
United States United States


fits perfect in my greyboe stock

Steven M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Look and Fit!

I dropped my Vudoo V-22 into the Rem 700 SA Ridgeback and it fit like a glove. Great upgrade over the KRG Bravo. The M-Lok slots make an extremely effective bench platform. I do wish it came with a few Grayboe Logo decals for my Fat Boy gun safe. I guess you can’t please

Grayboe Grayboe M5 DBM - Remington 700 Review
Tom W.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Company

Awesome company, people to work with. Cant wait to get my Stock for my build. Jerre is wonderful to work with and they use GOVx for all thos Govt, ex and retired who have served in Military / Law Enforcement. I saved on all my purchases. Very happy with Grayboe. Keep up the fantastic work you do !