Grayboe Hunter DBM - Remington 700

The Hunter DBM was created to look like a floor plate but function as a detachable box magazine system.  It takes all AICS 3, 5 or 10 round magazines.  No more switching back and forth from your BDL floor plate for hunting and your M5 DBM for competition/target shooting.  This is the only bottom metal you'll need!


  • Anodized matte black for exceptional wear resistance
  • Accepts all AICS type magazines
  • Fits all stocks inlet for a M5 DBM
  • Weighs 3 ounces
  • Sits flush with bottom of stock, perfect for hunting with 3 round magazines
  • Smooth, sleek and snag free rounded trigger guard
  • Flush, snag free, inside the trigger guard magazine release lever
  • CNC machined out of billet aluminum
  • Fits all Factory Rem 700 triggers (aftermarket triggers may require fitting)
  • New action screws included



Ask a Question
  • Will this work with AICS CIP length (3.850") 338 Lapua Magazines?

    Unfortunately we don't have the CIP model out yet.  Its still in its designing phase.

  • What is the max COAL your long DBM will support?

    that will depend on your magazine, typically its 3.625".  However, the inner dimension of the magazine well on the DBM is 3.738".

  • What's the weight for the SA?

    it weighs 3 ounces.

  • what is the max COAL for a SA ?

    that will depend on the manufacturer of your magazine.  If it has no binder plate than it could be 2.960", just depends on whose mag you have.  Regardless, any short action AICS magazine will fit into the hunter DBM.

  • What is longest coal the short action allows

    that will depend if your magazine has a binder plate or not.  without a binder plate max COAL would be 2.960".  Regardless the Hunter DBM will fit all SA AICS magazines.  The inner mag well on the DBM is 3.070".

  • Love this thing. Want it badly. How do I get an m5 cutout on my current factory style 700 Will it work w 300 rum?

    you currently have a factory stock on your 700 rifle?  If so, you'd need a gunsmith to open up the bottom of your stock to accept the DBM.  Yes our long action DBM will work for the .300 rum with a length of 3.6".