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stock comes with

Fixed 1" Pachmayr decelerator recoil pad @ 13.5" Length of Pull

2 studs up front for bipod/sling attachment or Picatinny rail (sold separately).  1 rear flush cup on bottom of buttstock, 2 flush cups on LH side of stock, fore & aft

Aluminum pillar bedded



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  • Would I be able to drop in my Bergara B14 Ridge barreled action without having to make modifications?

    Thats correct, we'll machine the stock to your rifle specs and it will arrive to you as a drop in.

  • Do you guys plan to inlet the. Terrain for Tikka T3 actions?

    We may eventually just don't have a hard set date on when that will be just yet.

  • How do i tell which barrel is on my Rem 700/308win ADL?

    Is your barrel fairly thin or is it a heavier contour?  Does it measure over .750" diameter at the muzzle?  If so you have the factory Remington varmint/sendero barrel contour.

  • I would like a sling stud at the rear of the stock versus the flush cups. Is that possible?

    Unfortunately not however you can use this in the flush cup that functions as a stud, https://www.grayboe.com/collections/hardware/products/flush-cup-stud-adapter

  • I have a Remington 700CDL SF in 257 Weatherby Mag. What barrel contour configuration would I need?

    If your barrel is a heavy barrel with a muzzle diameter around .820" then you have the factory Remington Varmint/Sendero barrel.  If its smaller, than you have the factory Remigton 700 magnum barrel contour.

  • On the left hand stock, are the 2 flush cups on the side of the stock on the left or right side?

    we always install them on the opposite side of the bolt.  so for a lefty they will be on the RH side.

  • Is the Terrain stock compatible with a Remington Model Seven action? The Model seven is shorter than a 700 action I believe.

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Model 7's.

  • I have a Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback in 300 PRC will the Terrain stock fit it ?

    Yes it will!

  • Can an arcaswiss mount be installed in front of mag opening

    I don't think there is an arca rail out there that attaches to the Terrain stock at this time.

  • Hey I am getting ready to purchase a mack bros action ( short action) it is a remington 700 footprint and wondering which inlet would you recommend ?

    I've yet to see a mack bros action in person but i believe its a Rem 700 footprint and the only mods needed to the stock would possibly be for the bolt release and the trigger hanger for sure.  I would recommend a Rem 700 inlet.

  • Is there enough material on the fore end of the stock for inletting to have a Badger Ordnance EFR installed?

    Unfortunately there isn't enough material for a EFR rail.

  • I have a Rem 700 Magpol stock 20 inch barrel thread bench rest stock uses AISC mags stock to heavy looking for lite stock for replacement will terrain work or do you have another idea

    Yes the Terrain, Outlander, Trekker and Phoenix would all work for you.  You'll need a new bottom metal that takes your AICS mags as our stocks don't fit the Magpul bottom metal.  Like this one, https://www.grayboe.com/collections/bottom-metal/products/grayboe-dbm-remington-700.

  • Do any of the action inlets for this chassis fit a Winchester XPR SA?

    The only stock we make that fits a short action length XPR is the Renegade stock.

  • Will a rem 700 sps tactical 20in bull barrel (m24) fit the terrain stock ?

    Yes it will, theres just enough "meat" on the forend of the Terrain stock for that size barrel to fit.

  • Can the Terrain stock be ordered to fit a Remage barrel and barrel nut?

    Possibly, we need to know what contour Remage barrel you have.

  • Does this fit a long action howa 1500 heavy barrel?

    Unfortunatley at this time our stocks don't fit Howa rifles.

  • Will A carbon six sendero fit this?

    It will but I'm not sure if the carbon six sendero fits into a stock inlet for a Remington 700 sendero or not.  Or if the carbon six is more like a Proof Research Sendero contour which is larger.  Can someone at carbon fix confirm what barrel contour their sendero closes mimics or will fit?

  • I have a Browning A-Bolt Titanium in .300WSM And I am looking for a KUIU Vias stock. Do you make one? I can't tell yet from browsing. Thanks for your time. Chad

    Unfortunately our stocks dont fit Browning rifles.

  • Can I remove one of the studs up front without damaging the stock?

    Yes you can, it will just unscrew out.

  • How about a Weatherby light weight action with a proof light sendero barrel? Really hoping!

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Wby actions.

  • Can you make a Terrain for a Tikka T3X action?

    Unfortunately at this time the Terrain does not fit the T3 rifle.  At some point we will offer it but don't have a date set yet on when that would be.

  • Will this stock accept a barrel nut on a RemAge barrel or similar Savage style switch barrel on Remington pattern actions? Will you be able to inlet for your Grayboe Hunter M5 DBM - Remington 700

    Yes it will, just select "yes" for the "does your barrel have a barrel nut" option.  We will inlet the stock for the barrel nut.  Yes the Terrain fits all M5 DBM's including the hunter model we make.

  • You offer the Terrain stock with an inlet for a ARC Nucleus and BDL bottom metal. Can you recommend a compatible box magazine with this combination? ARC website says the Nucleus isn’t compatible in a BDL configuration?

    I find that odd that it doesn't accept BDL bottom metal, really weird.  Regardless, you can pair a Grayboe DBM with that action and use AICS style magazines and everything will fit and function.  You can view the Grayboe DBM here, https://www.grayboe.com/collections/accessories/products/grayboe-dbm-remington-700.

  • Is the butt stock on the Terrain solid fill or is it hollow?

    We hollow it out to save weight.

  • Will the terrain fit a CVA paramount?

    Yes i believe it will.  If you would like to order one please email sales@grayboe.com.  thanks!

  • Does the terrain stock come with a rear swivel stud?

    it comes with a rear flush mount cup.  if you'd like to use a stud there instead of a QD push button loop you can get one of these to plug into it, https://www.grayboe.com/collections/accessories/products/flush-cup-stud-adapter.

  • Yes, I have a remington 700 with factory DBM with release buttons on the side, not sure which option to choose

    We currently aren't able to machine the stock for that bottom metal.  However, if you'd like to send us your bottom metal with magazine we could do it and test fitting.

  • I have a remington 700 300 wby with a DBM, which should I choose, the M5 DBM?

    You have the factory Remington DBM with magazine release buttons on the side?

  • How soon will you be offering stocks for Savage left hand actions?

    Don't have a hard set date on when that will be yet, we are hoping by the Fall of this year.

  • Do you manufacture a Terrain model that would fit a Legendary Arms Works Model 704 Bobcat in 308 with a 20" barrel? The rifle is based on the Ed Brown Model 704 Short Action. It is a round bottom action but I do not know if it is a Remington profile.

    we have yet to see a LAW 704 action here in shop but i've heard its a Rem 700 footprint other than the side bolt release.  I would ask Legendary Arms and see if their action would drop into a Rem 700 inlet stock just to be sure.  Whose 20" barrel contour do you have?  Bartlein?  Krieger?

  • Are you adding in spacers to the recoil pad for the longer length of pull or are the stocks larger?

    We add spacers, then grind them down to fit the contour of the buttstock and paint over them.  The only thing you'll see is the buttstock and recoil pad.

  • Does this model (terrain) fit a Tikka T3x factory long action and barrel?

    currently the T3 does not fit the Terrain stock.  We plan on having the Terrain ready for the T3 around July this year.

  • What would my barrel selection be on Remington 700 6.5creedmoor with heavy barrel contour?

    it would be a factory varmint contour.

  • I have a remington mod 700 vs sf 22250 what is the barrel contour I need to order in the terrain stock

    Is your barrel a large heavy contour or is it a fairly thin sporter barrel?

  • When will you have this stock in a Winchester model 70 inlet? I thought I saw somewhere that was on its way. Thanks!

    Hope to have the model 70 fitting our stocks by middle of 2021.

  • Which barrel taper/contour should I pick for a Christensen Ridgeline?

    whats the muzzle diameter of your barrel?  that will determine what contour it will fit in the stock.

  • Which stock would be compatible with a Ruger American 308.

    Unfortunately at this time our stocks don't fit the Ruger American.

  • I want a terrain for my CVA Paramount. What barrel channel inlet will fit? What do you mean by finished shank length?

    Not totally sure the differences between the paramount and paramount pro.  If you'd like to send us the rifle we could check fitting for the paramount rifle and how it will fit our Terrain stock.  I've having our production mgr contact Bergara as well.

  • I’ve got a Hart Barrel in a 5.5 Douglas taper. There are no listings for Hart Barrels on your site.So would I just use Douglas as the manufacturer ?

    Just added the Hart barrels to the list so you can order it!

  • Will you ever make this stock or any of your other stocks to fit a Winchester model 70? Thanks

    Yes we will.  Currently we are working on the Tikka T3, then Savage rilfes, Howa and will eventually get to Winchester.  Just don’t have a hard date set on when that will be.

  • is this stock available in browning x bolt short mag

    Unfortunatly our stocks dont fit the X bolt.

  • I have and older ( mid 80’s) Remington 700 22-250 would the terrain stock work with this rifle?

    yes it will!

  • Hello, what barrel inletting would you recommend for a Big Horn Origin action with a preferred barrels straight taper: 2.5 inch breech length, tapered down to 0.750 at the 5 inch mark and then straight out the remaining length of the barrel (i.e. 0.750 at the muzzle, too)? Thanks!

    Are you talking about the #4 contour from Preferred Barrels?  If so, i would say a #5 Douglas would be very similar to your barrel contour.

  • Do you have any plans to make a lightweight version of the terrain like you did with the outlander?

    Yes we already have converted the Terrain to the lighter weight material.  Now when you order a Terrain it weighs approx 2 lbs.  It used to weigh 2.5 lbs.

  • I have a Remington 700 tactical w/ the heavy barrel and I’m interested in the outlander. It doesn’t give an option for the varmit/heavy barrel contour. Will it fit in the spotter/magnum contour?

    the remington heavy/varmint barrel is slightly too large for the Outlander stock.  The side walls of the stocks barrel channel are razor thin with a varmint barrel inlet.  We would recommend the Terrain stock for that barrel.

  • I’m going with the Bartlein Lt. Bull Sporter 7mm, it says these as 5R rifled barrels. So which barrel inlet should I select?

    i would recommend the Varmint size barrel inlet.  The Sporter/Mag may also work as well but you run a chance of having to do fitting/sanding in the stocks barrel channel to get your barrel to completely free float.  If your straight cylinder length on your Bartlein barrel is under 1.5" it should drop into the varmint barrel inlet stock with no fitting required.

  • I’m looking to put this on a Bergara Premier chassis rifle with a 5.5 barrel profile. Do I need to make any modifications? I assume your DBM is AICS compatible? Thanks

    You may have to sand open the stocks barrel channel right at the chambered area.  Other than that it will free float and fit into a varmint barrel inlet stock.  If you are comfortable making this modification we can do it for you for a fee.  Yes our DBM takes AICS mags.

  • Are these synthetic gun stocks?

    they are fiberglass/carbon fiber epoxy resin stocks.

  • Which barrel profile inlet would work best for a #5 contour?

    we would recommend the varmint/sendero barrel profile.  That would require the least amount of fitting if any at all.  Or you could order your exact barrel contour through our "custom inletting" section in our custom shop on the website.

  • I have a Christensen arms ridgeline with a carbon fiber barrel what barrel contour do I pick

    the action area of the stock will need to be modified to get the ridgeline action to drop in, specifically the bolt release.  I don't see a contour sheet for christensen arms barrels on their website but i assume their light target or target barrel will be larger than a Remington varmint/sendero profile so the stocks barrel channel will also need to be sanded open to fit.

  • I have a Remington 700 ADL .22-250. Looking at the Terrain model stock and don’t see a Remington ADL bottom metal inlet option. Would the Factory Floorplate work?

    Our stocks are only compatible with M5 or BDL style bottom metal.  Unfortunately they don't fit ADL model rifles.

  • What is the measurement from the trigger to the front of the grip?

    from the very bottom of the trigger, straight back to the grip its 2.75".

  • Which barrel option, Remington Sendero/5R/Tactical or Remington Varmint will hold the larger barrel contour? and what is the max diameter for both alernatives?

    All those barrel contours are the exact same.  Remington just gave them different names for marketing purposes.  They fit the factory Remington contours all named that.  Muzzle diameter is approx .820" at 26 inches.

  • Do your stocks fit a win mod 70 short action?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Model 70's at this time.

  • Would you be able to build for a BAT Machine Igniter action?

    We have yet to see a BAT igniter action here in shop.  Our Terrain stock pops out of the mold drop in ready for a Remington 700 rifle.  To my knowledge, the Igniter action has a longer ejection port and side bolt release so we'll have to modify the stock so it will fit the Igniter but we will be doing this "blind" since we don't have an action here to check fit.

  • Any plans on making stocks for howa 1500?

    yes we do have plans but not until middle of 2024 it looks like.

  • what is the recommended torque on a terrain on a begara action

    we recommend 45 in lbs but anywhere from 45 - 65 will work.

  • When will you have stocks available for Savage rifles?

    We hope to have our Phoenix stock ready for the Savage 110 by Fall of this year.

  • Have a Remington Sportsman model 78 . I think it’s considered an ADL. What terrain stock works with it.

    We have yet to see a model 78 in shop here but i believe the action is a Rem 700 footprint.  In order for your rifle to fit our stocks you'd have to convert your rifles bottom metal from an ADL to a BDL or M5 bottom metal so it will bolt onto the stock.

  • Do you have a stock to fit a small person for 700 remington

    our Eagle and Phoenix stocks have an adjustable Length of Pull system on them and they can get down to 12.75" LOP.

  • I have a Surgeon RSR single shot rifle in 260. Barrel is a Krieger #10 MTU contour. Looking at the Terrain stock to convert from a precision target application to a single shot precision hunting rifle. Please advise of Terrain’s compatibility for application to noted single shot barreled action.

    Unfortunately our stocks are inlet only for repeaters with a BDL or M5 DBM bottom metal.  We don't have single shot inlets with just an ADL trigger bow on the bottom.  You could still get a stock but would need to add bottom metal to bolt your action onto the stock and you'll just have an open space in there between the bottom of the action and the bottom metal.

  • Hello, do you make any custom stocks for people that are left eye dominant? I am legally blind in my right eye but I am right handed. I am looking for someone to build me a stock for 2 of my rifles. Thank you

    Hi, all of our stocks are ambidextrous so you can use a right hand rifle and mount the gun left handed.

  • I have Rem700 SPS Tactical. 6.5 which contour should I click

    You'll want to select the Remington 5R/Sendero/Tactical contour.

  • Is there any way to get a terrain in 13&1/4” length of pull or is 13.5 the only thing offered

    On the Terrain stock only 13.5" is available.

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Timothy P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Brown with black web terrain

It’s a really nice stock. The fit is great. My only complaint is that the brown color looks nothing like it does online in the photos. It’s light brown, almost tan, and chalky looking. No big deal, I’ll just paint it dark brown myself. The M5 hinged floor plate is awesome! Way better than factory.

Grayboe Terrain Review
Wade H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Beautiful Stock

Although I have not had the chance to fit the action and barrel to it yet, it shoulders perfectly, is light, no flaws visible and was well packaged and delivered as estimated. Oozes quality.

Andrew T.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Perfect for the price!

Haven’t shot the REM 700 yet with the Grayboe installed, but it’s definitely a much needed improvement over the factory stock. Everything is exactly as described and expected. Not many options for REM 700 with detachable mag and magnum barrel contour without tripling the cost. Definitely worth the investment on initial impressions!

Christopher P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Absolutely Beautiful

Amazing stock with flush fit. Aesthetically appealing and one major upgrade to a. C.O.T product

Larry B.
United States United States

Great stock

Love this stock. Fit perfectly the only issue was the MDT magazine you recommended. They are extremely noisy, ordered