Phoenix 2 - Right Hand Tikka T3x, Tikka Factory Plastic DBM, Fits any barrel. Painted Black w/ Black Web




  • Right Hand Tikka T3x 
  • Tikka Factory Plastic DBM
  • Fits all Barrels
  • Weighs 40 ounces
  • Fully adjustable cheek rest & butt stock to fit any shooter
  • Wide and flat forearm for enhanced stability on a rest or pack
  • Vertical grip with thumbshelf
  • 1 piece MLOK rail on bottom of forend for bipod/arca rail accessory attachments
  • 1" Grayboe "G" recoil pad
  • Arrives to you drop in ready (with purchase of M5 bottom metal), bolt your rifle on and go shoot
  • Ambidextrous
  • 7 QD sling loop attachments for shoulder or across your back rifle carry
  • Aluminum pillar bedded
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  • My factory bottom metal is not dropping in place. Is it customary to trip off the plastic column behind the rear screw to make it fit?

    yes that is correct, that slim piece of plastic is the locating pin for the factory plastic stock. On an aftermarket stock like a Grayboe it is not needed so you can just cut it off.