The Grayboe Difference

3 reasons why Grayboe crushes the competition

Material Formulation

The key to building a perfect stock is starting with a perfect formulation. Grayboe uses composite materials with additives that have an infinite number of configurations. When we set out to design a stock, we design in characteristics like recoil absorption and advantageous strength to weight ratios among many others. We don’t take an existing formulation and make it fit a need; we take a need and formulate a material to fit that need perfectly.

Production Process

Grayboe spent two years prior to production developing a proprietary process that allows us to make high-end composite stocks for a fraction of the cost of comparable composite stocks.

Design Capabilities

When we design a stock, we start with a hand crafted physical model to maximize ergonomics. Once we have the perfect physical model, we scan the stock into an electronic format. Our team designs action inlet tooling down to the thousands of an inch to ensure a perfect fit with your barreled action and bottom metal. Every configuration of every stock is 3D printed prior to the manufacturing of the molds to ensure the stock you purchase is dimensionally and geometrically perfect.