What exactly is a gun stock? In the world of firearms, the gun stock is the backbone of a rifle, playing a pivotal role in the shooter's comfort, accuracy, and the overall functionality of the firearm. At Grayboe, we are dedicated to revolutionizing gun stock design, offering shooters innovative solutions that enhance their experience in the field or at the range.

What Makes Up a Gun Stock? An Overview by Grayboe:

Firstly, gun stock is not just a piece of wood or synthetic material attached to the back of a rifle; it's a complex assembly that affects nearly every aspect of shooting. Secondly, each component of a Grayboe gun stock is meticulously designed to improve the performance and handling of the rifle.

Detailed Breakdown of Grayboe's Phoenix 2 Rifle Stock Components:


The buttstock serves as the rear portion of the gun stock, where the shooter's shoulder makes contact. It is crucial for absorbing recoil and stabilizing the rifle during shooting. Grayboe designs its buttstocks to provide maximum comfort and adjustability, ensuring that shooters can spend long days in the field without discomfort.

Adjustable Cheek Piece:

Furthermore, a proper cheek weld on a gun stock is essential for accurate shooting. The adjustable cheek piece on Grayboe's Phoenix 2 allows shooters to perfectly align their sight with the rifle's scope, enhancing accuracy and providing a stable shooting platform.

Flush Cups and Sling Studs:

These features are integral for attaching slings, which facilitate easy carrying of the rifle. Grayboe incorporates strategically placed flush cups and sling studs on their stocks, allowing for versatile carrying configurations.

Grip Options (Vertical, Traditional, M4 Style):

The grip of the gun stock is critical for controlling the rifle. Grayboe offers various grip styles, including vertical grips for tactical applications, traditional grips for general shooting, and M4 style grips for a modern, ergonomic feel.


Grayboe's thumbshelf provides a natural resting place for the thumb, aiding in grip and stability. This feature is particularly beneficial for precision shooters who require consistency in their shooting stance.

Action Inlets:

The Phoenix 2 gun stock is specifically inletted for popular rifle actions such as the Rem 700, its clones, Tikka, and Savage 110. Thus, this ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration with these well-known rifle models.

Bottom Metal Inlet:

Grayboe's Phoenix 2 is compatible with M5 style bottom metals, including the Hunter DBM, Grayboe DBM, and M5 Floorplate. This compatibility allows for a broad range of customization options and ensures smooth magazine integration and operation.

Barrel Channel:

The barrel channel of the Phoenix 2 can accommodate all barrel contours up to and including the Proof Research Sendero. The true free float design enhances accuracy by eliminating any contact between the stock and the barrel, which could otherwise affect the rifle's performance.

Why Choosing a Grayboe Stock is a Great Choice:

Opting for a Grayboe gun stock means choosing a product crafted with precision and care. Known for their innovative designs and quality materials, Grayboe stocks elevate the standard for what a gun stock should be. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a hunter, or a tactical operator, a Grayboe stock can transform your rifle into a more accurate, comfortable, and reliable tool.


Understanding the components and functions of a gun stock is crucial. High-quality models like Grayboe's enhance any shooter's performance. The Phoenix 2https://grayboe.com/products/phoenix exemplifies the best in modern gun stock technology. It's an excellent choice for those serious about upgrading their shooting experience.

Explore the full range of Grayboe's innovative gun stocks at Grayboe.com and find the perfect upgrade for your rifle today.

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