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stock comes with:

Adjustable spacer system with 1" Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad providing 12.75 - 14" Length of Pull adjustment.  (additional spacers can be purchased if longer LOP is needed).

Adjustable cheek piece (low profile adjustment screw included, LH shooters will want to use this screw).

12 MLOK slots on forend to attach MLOK mounts and accessories.

2 flush cups installed on buttstock, 1 on LH side and 1 on bottom.

Aluminum pillar bedded.



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  • Hello, I want to put a Bergara B14R in a Ridgeback, do I select the Bergara action inlet or the Remington 700 inlet?

    Go ahead and select the Bergara action inlet.  Even though in the Ridgeback, because there is a bolt release lever relief already molded into the stock, you could still select Rem 700 inlet and be fine.

  • Will a Zermatt/Bighorn SR3 MEDIUM action fit in a renegade stock? If so, do I choose the SA option?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit the Zermatt SR3 medium actions at this time.  Only standard short and long.

  • I have a Remington 700 "Long Range" model in 7mm RM. Should i choose factory varmit barrel?

    Yes choose factory varmint barrel.  You may have the factory magnum barrel which is smaller than the varmint contour but the Ridgeback stock pops out of our molds already inlet for the factory varmint contour so that is as small as we can go.

  • What is the screw size (thread pitch and length) holding the butt stock recoil pad & spacers?

    They are a 5/32 allen head screws with 10-32 thread pitch.  The length varies depending on how many spacers are being used.

  • I have a Remington 700 Long Action SPS Varmint with a 26” barrel and hinged floor plate, and am a little confused. 1- will this stock work for me? 2- if I want to convert to detachable magazine which floorplate option do I select? 3- from what I can tell I have a “Chrome Moly Heavy Barrel”, do I just select the only Remington Barrel option? sorry to be so lost, just a million options!

    1.  Yes it will
    2.  If you want to go with aics magazine fed, you'll want to select the stock to be inlet for a M5 DBM and then you'll need to purchase an M5 DBM like this one, https://www.grayboe.com/collections/bottom-metal/products/grayboe-dbm-remington-700.  
    3.  for barrel selection, you will select factory varmint if you barrel is indeed a factory Remington barrel.

  • I have a Remington 700 ADL varminter with a blind magazine. Is it compatible with the ridgeback and if not what do I need to do to make it work?

    Your 700 action and barrel are compatible but the ADL is not.  You can switch to a BDL floor plate or M5 DBM AICS magazine fed system and it will work with our stocks.  Which did you want to go with?  BDL or M5?


    Unfortunately not, all our stocks pop out of their molds for a repeater with the screw holes already there.

  • What is the thread pitch on the factory screws for the M-LOK rails in the stock? I've looked around the website and gone through the previous questions to no avail. Thanks!

    they are 10-32 thread pitch.

  • Is it possible to install one of your threaded flush cups into the side of the buttstock on the action side of the rifle (similar to the arrangement on the phoenix) such that a right handed shooter could attached a sling at the front left side and rear right side?

    Yes we can install an additional flush cup at the butt stock, it would be $15 to install one.

  • Any ETA for a stock for WIN M70 LA or SA?

    Unfortunately at this time we don't have a hard set date on when we'll have model 70 inlets availabe.

  • Do have a Ridgeback stock that will fit the Browning x-bolt LA. I want to replace the wood stock

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit the X bolt rifles.

  • Will the Ridgeback be available with the Tikka t3x long action any time soon?

    Its looking like by the end of this year.

  • How much torque should I put on the front and rear action screws of my Bergara Premier Ridgeback?

    We recommend 45 in lbs.

  • If I choose the 1.250” straight barrel option, does it mean that I can run almost any barrel contour up to 1.250” even with a barrel nut, like the Phoenix?

    Thats correct.

  • Will this fit a 7mm mag Winchester model 70

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Winchesters at this time.

  • Was wondering if I could fit a savage impulse on this...

    Unfortunately at this time our stocks don't fit Savage rifles.

  • I need your Grayboe Ridgeback stock for the Howa 1500 Long Action the fact that Howa offers 300 PRC and Lapua now offering 300 PRC brass. I would think the need for your stocks to have a Howa inlet would be highly appreciated.

    We will eventually have inlets for the Howa 1500 for all our stocks.  just don't have a hard set date on when that will be just yet.

  • I'm going to get a vortex viper pst 2 5x25x50 scope for my 6.5 Creedmoor. The scope is a 30mm tube. What rings would you suggest? Thank you

    I would suggest rings from Vortex or Talley manufacturing.

  • Does this fit the Terminus Zeus action?

    yes it will fit.  The ejection port on the Zeus is .100" larger forward and rearward but this is purelyl cosmetic.  Your action will fit and function perfectly in the Ridgeback stock.

  • Looking to get a defiance ruckus action in .300 win mag with a proof pre fit carbon barrel. What bottom inlet would be best for that? Also, not sure how to figure out the shank size or if it would have a barrel nut or not?

    Do you have a bottom metal for it yet?  You could select a BDL floor plate or if you wanted magazine fed you could get the stock inlet for a Grayboe DBM like seen here, https://www.grayboe.com/collections/accessories/products/grayboe-dbm-remington-700.  You probably don't have a barrel nut that screws the barrel into the action, whoever installs the barrel onto the action would tell you if they are putting one on or not.  Please email sales@grayboe.com and we can send you a picture of how to measure the finished shank length on the barrel.

  • Do you make a stock for howa 1500 with heavy barrel 6.5 creedmore

    Unfortunately at this time our stocks don't fit Howa rifles.

  • Can you install a monopod at the rear of the stock? I see a black circle at the bottom of the rear of the stock but not sure if that’s for a stud or rail?

    Yes you can.  First, you'll need to install a flush cup stud adaptor into the flush cup like seen here, https://www.grayboe.com/collections/accessories/products/flush-cup-stud-adapter.  Then you can attach a stud mounted monopod.

  • I have a bergara premier approach. Will the barrel and action fit in this stock?

    Yes it will.  For action inlet select "Bergara Premier".  for Bottom metal inlet select "Factory Bergara Floorplate".  For barrel select "Bergara" and contour # select the number 5.  Hope that helps!

  • Does the seekins havak brovo fit tight with your ridgeback.

    yes the action will fit.  The bottom metal will fit if its an M5 footprint bottom metal.  The barrel will fit if its similar to a Remington Varmint contour.

  • My buddy is planning on getting a chassis system for his Bergara Premier Rifle with DBM Chambered in 6.5 CM. I have a Remington 700 5r Chambered in .308, and it was my understanding that both rifles have the same footprint, I'm just curious if that also applies to the DMB, or would I need to purchase a different bottom metal? Thanks

    The actions are the same footprint but vary just slightly as the Bergara has a side bolt release.  The bottom metals are the same if you have a Bergara Premier Ridgeback rifle with the Grayboe DBM currently on it.

  • Hey guys. I recently received my Bergara Ridgeback and was disappointed to see the bubble level was discontinued. I emailed them with no response. Anyway, do you have a recommendation for adding one to the stock behind the bolt similar to the original design? I tried one on the scope rail, but it is blocked by the scope and I don't care for the tube mounted versions. Thanks for any assistance.

    we level it off on our mills and machine the slot for the bubble level then epoxy it in place.  we could also put it in for you.  shoot us an email at sales@grayboe.com.

  • Need a ridgeback to fit a fierce edge in woodland camo, how much and how soon.

    I believe the Fierce acions are a sako 85 foot print receiver.  Unless they have changed the design and its now a Rem 700 clone?  If its not a Rem 700 clone, unfortunately it won't fit our stocks at this time.

  • I have a Remington 700 ADL Tactical in .308. What barrel contour would I choose as it appears my rifle has a heavy threaded barrel?

    you would select factory varmint.

  • I have a Christensen arms ridge line with a stock component will it fit in this stock

    yes it will.  for action inlet select "christensen arms ridgeline".  for bottom metal inlet select "BDL style floor plate".  We are not 100% sure on what contour the ridgeline barrel is as we have yet to see one here in shop at Grayboe but we believe it will drop into a Remington Varmint barrel inlet stock so you could select "factory varmint".

  • Do you have plans for a Ridgeback that is fully compatible with the Impact Precision 737R trigger hanger?

    yes, as soon as we are able to get an action here in shop to create the programming to inlet a stock for that hanger we will be able to offer it.

  • Is there an ETA for when stocks will be available for tikka rifles? Specifically the ridgeback

    we'll have the phoenix stock ready in a couple weeks, the ridgeback will probably be around the beginning of 2021.

  • Hey, do you plan on making stocks compatible with tikka action soon?

    Yes we do.  Should have the Phoenix stock ready for the T3 in a few weeks.  Then we will work on offering the T3 in all our other stocks.

  • Where do you get the tripod?

    I don't believe they are in production anymore but its a DLOC Head-S.  ZRODelta carried them.  This is all the info i could gather from the photographer that took this shot.

  • Hello, I have a Impact 737r action. I was curious if this will fit in the standard Remington 700 inlet on this stock and work with the greyboe bottom metal.

    yes it will fit a Rem 700 inlet Ridgeback stock and is compatible with the Grayboe bottom metal.  However, the stock will need to be slightly modified for the trigger hanger on the impact action.

  • I have a ruger m77 mark1 7mm flattop. Any chance for a stock?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit a Ruger M77 at this time.

  • I’m left handed. Your stock is labeled ambidextrous but the comb seems to be relieved for right hand

    the stock is ambidextrous but for left hand shooters we recommend removing the knob that adjusts the cheek rest and using the flush mount screw provided with the Ridgeback stock.  This way the adjustment knob won't interfere with your cheek.

  • Will the Ridgeback fit a B-14R rimfire using the factory DBM?

    It will but will require modification.  The bottom of the stock will need to be opened up to fit the Bergara magazine system.  We can do that mod for you if you'd like, email sales@grayboe.com for a quote.

  • I already own a ridgeback stock. If I wanted to use a 26" MTU barrel in it, would I need to have the inlet opened up? If so, what would be the rough cost to send it to you for that procedure?

    Yes the barrel channel will need to be opened up.  You can sand it open or we can machine it.  Cost will depend on what finish you currently have on the stock.  Please email sales@grayboe.com and we can get you a specific price quote.

  • Can this stock be adjusted to fit a Tikka T3X action inlet?

    currently no, it only fits Remington style actions.  this next year we plan on offering different action inlets to our line of stocks.

  • what stocks would you have that would fit a seekins havak ph2 short action

    The Phoenix stock would work, the only mod may be where the bolt handle closes.  The ridgeback would also work but you may have to open up the stocks ejection port for it to look cosmetically perfect.

  • Will this fit a Bergara B14HMR barreled action?

    yes it will, however if you have the factory bergara plastic bottom metal it won't fit as its larger than a M5 DBM profile.

  • Can you esitimate the overall length of a Ridgeback with a Remington 700 short action with 18" barrel ?

    The overall length of the Ridgeback with 4 spacers is 32.25".  Not sure what an 18" barrel from muzzle tip to end of the butt stock would be.

  • Will the Magpul dbm work on this stock with the M5 cut

    to my knowledge the magpul DBM has its own foot print and won't work on a stock cut out for a M5 DBM.

  • Unclear what is meant by the bottom metal on the Ridgeback? Remington BDL Floor plate vs the M5 box magazine? I'll be adding this to a Remington 700 SPS Varmint. Which should I choose?

    I assume your Rem 700 rifle has a BDL hinged floor plate on it already?  If so, when ordering the stock select "BDL floor plate".  This way your factory Rem 700 floor plate will drop right into the stock.  Only select M5 DBM if you want to switch to a detachable magazine fed rifle.  Which then you'd need to purchase a M5 style DBM for that.

  • I have a savage model 110 fcp in 338 lapua. Do you have a ridge back to fit it?

    at this time we do not, we are working on having stocks that fit the savage 110 by the end of the year.

  • What is the recommended action screw setting?

    we recommend 45 in lbs.

  • Will the Ridgeback fit the marksman contour barrel?

    It will but the stocks barrel channel cut out will need to be sanded open to free float it.

  • Will the ridgeback fit the m24 barrel taper #8?

    It will fit the M24 taper but the stocks barrel channel will need to be opened up to free float that size barrel as its currently inlet for a Remington Sendero barrel.  You can also order one direct from us already inlet for that size barrel through our custom shop in the "custom inlet" section.

  • Does the ridgeback come available in a left hand configuration for remington 700 short action?

    Unfortunatley it does not, however we will have a couple new tactical/competition stocks coming out later this year that will be available in left hand config.

  • Do you have a stock to fit the ruger American go wild

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Ruger Americans at this time.

  • Savage model 12 LRP. When are they arriving?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit the Savage model 12.  The model 12 isn't in high enough demand for it to be economical for us to make a mold for it.

  • Will a Defiance ANTIX XM Plus action fit in the Ridgeback stock if I select the Defiance Medium action, or is that option only for non XM Plus actions?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit the XM action lengths.

  • I have a Bergara BMP B14 in .308. Uses magazines. What specs do I need for this rifle to sit in your chassis.

    You would need to select for the bottom metal inlet selection a Grayboe M5 bottom metal and then add an actual Grayboe M5 DBM to your order to pair with the stock.  You can then feed your magazines into the rifle.  For the Barrel selection you would select Bergara and the Contour number would be a #6.  For action inlet selection you would select Bergara B14.

  • I have a Remington 40X, in 22lr. It is a single shot rifle. I am looking for a stock with adjustable comb. Something like your Ridgeback. Any info will help. Thanks

    Our Ridgeback will work but all of our stocks pop out of the mold drop in ready for a repeater, not a single shot.  You would have to purchase a bottom metal to bolt the rifle onto the stock.

  • is there a stock for the ruger american in 7mm prc

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Ruger rifles.

  • Do you make this in Short Action LEFT HANDED?

    Unfortunately we do not, but we will have a Ridgeaback 2.0 out towards the end of the year and it will be available in left hand.  Currently its our Phoenx, Eagle Pro and Trekker stocks that are available in left hand config.

  • Anything to fit a Curtis valor la

    yes all of our stocks will fit the valor action.  I'll add the Valor selection to the Ridgeback website page so it can be ordered.

  • do you have a ridgeback in black like shown that will fit a winchester model 70 chambered in 300 short mag

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Model 70's.

  • Will this stock work with a Mack Bros short action and 1.250" taperless barrel?

    Yes it will, i have just added the Mack Bros EVO action under the "action inlet" selection so it can be ordered.  A 1.250" straight barrel fits in the Ridgeback no problem.

  • I have a Bergera B14 Ridge in 300 win mag. I believe it has the #5 barrel profile. I’m planning on eventually swapping to a heavier barrel. I want to run the stock barrel for a while. Will I run into any issues by selecting a heavy cut for the stock and running it with the lighter barrel?

    No you won't run into any issues, you are doing what a lot of guys do.  Having "extra free float" around your barrel until you upgrade to a heavier contour won't affect accuracy or function of the rifle.

  • will the RIDGEBACK stock work with the Zermatt Arms RimX Action

    Yes it will, just order the stock inlet for a Zermatt Origin and your RimX will drop right in.

  • What is the shank? Is that part of the frame inlet?

    It is the straight portion of the barrel as it leaves the action to the first break in the barrels taper to the muzzle.  You can see a pic on how to take the measurement here, https://www.grayboe.com/pages/f-a-q

  • Do y’all plan on making these for savage short action?

    We will be making the Phoenix stock for the Savage 110 here around summer.  Don't have a hard set date on when the Ridgeback would be available unfortunately.

  • I’d like to replace the factory Bell & Carlson stock on my Remington 700 ultimate muzzleloader with a Ridgeback. I’m unsure and can’t find what the barrel contour for these muzzleloaders are. The closest I can see is a sendero/varmint contour, but it’s the only thing I’m not 100% sure about when selecting options for a Ridgeback. What do you guys suggest?

    Yes i believe the 700 ultimate muzzleloader is a factory remington sendero/varmint contour.

  • I have a bergara B-14 30-06 with the factory floor plate. I would like to buy a stock but also convert to using aic magazines. Is it possible and what parts would I have to order to set it up?

    Just have the stock inlet for a Grayboe M5 DBM for the bottom metal inlet selection and then add the actual part, the Grayboe M5 DBM to your order and you will be able to run AICS magazines in your B14 action.

  • Will a .243 and a .308 varmint fit the same ridgeback stock?

    yes they will if the bottom metal and barrel contour are the same as well.

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Bart B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best experience ever!!

I called and talked to Ryan about a Ridgeback for my Remington 300 RUM Sendero. I had a million questions and Ryan was very patient and knowledgeable. By the time I was done talking to him it would have been impossible to buy anything from anyone else. When the stock and bottom metal arrived the first thing I noticed was how well it was packaged. My barreled action dropped right in and the rifle not only looks great but it shoots fantastic. I have a 775 yard range at my house and the gun performed perfectly. I couldn’t be more satisfied. One last thing, I have been shooting and buying for over 45 years and when I say this was my best experience ever.......I meant it. Thank you for making a great product and for great customer service.

Grayboe Ridgeback Review
Jerry S.
United States
I recommend this product

Grayboe Ridgeback 700 SA stock in Zombie Green

Stock was completed as ordered. Great quality. Barreled action dropped right in, no issues. Could not be happier about my first Grayboe product. Will order more. Thanks

George K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Ridgeback for Remington 40XB

I appreciate the time and effort by the staff to make sure the stock fit the barrel and action the first time I dropped it into the stock. It was a perfect fit. Thanks for a superior product and great customer service. I just wish I had known about the "Black Friday Sale"when I ordered it.

Grayboe Ridgeback Review
Dwayne B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

The absolute best Stock on the market

I appreciate working with the best company on the planet GREAT GREAT service and product.

Joseph S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Black Multicam Ridgeback

I think the ridgeback is damn near perfect. Everything fits the way it should and it feels really nice. I do wish the palmswell had some texture or stippling though.