Phoenix 2 Woodland Bundle

Grayboe Sale

Phoenix 2 Woodland Bundle:

  • Phoenix 2 Stock (x1)
  • Your choice of Woodland Camo/Spingfield Camo/GAP Splash Camo 
  • LOP Spacer Kit (x1)
  • 1" Grayboe Recoil Pad (x1)
  • Your choice of Grayboe bottom metal (x1)
  • Heavy Duty 1.5" QD Sling Loops (x2)
  • Grayboe Picatinny Rail for MLOK (x1)

If sold separately, total MSRP is $922 - By bundling, you save $231!


Ask a Question
  • Hi. Can I add the short ARCA rail to the Pheonix rail bundle?

    Yes you can put the bundle in your cart and then before checking out add the 3" arca rail to your order and then checkout.

  • Does the bottom metal come with the spring, follower and box? I am building a rifle from scratch, so I don't have a donor gun. If not do you offer them? Or if I go with a mag, I'm assuming the 300 wm is compatible with the 7 prc I'm working on?

    No it does not come with the internals but you can get those here, Bottom Metal | BDL Internal Magazine Box | Detachable Magazine (

    If you decide to go with an aics detachable magazine box, yes the .300 win mag aics mags is what you want and you may need to open up the feed lips on the top of the magazine to get the rounds to sit up high enough.

  • Follow-up: The DBM model is a 300 Weatherby Magnum

    Per accurate mag you would use the .300rum aics magazines for a .300 wby mag.

  • A followup response and question to my previous inquiry: I plan to use a Magazine feed for the previously inquired use of a Rem 700 SS DBM, which magazine would I want to order? Which BM do I order? Secondly, I also, have a Rem 700 BDL 7mm Rem Mag that I am wishing to restock with your BDL BM but does this require a Wyatt box? Which one?

    I would recommend the Grayboe M5 DBM seen here,  What caliber is your rifle that you want detachable magazine fed?  For your 7mm rem mag, a factory Rem BDL or wyatt internal mag box will work with the M5 floor plate.

  • My Bergara is a Rem 700 clone. Will this stock work?

    Yes it will as long as you have a M5 bottom metal to go with it.