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Painted Web and Camo stocks ship in approx 8 weeks.  Custom camo like KUIU, Multicam, etc ship in approx 12 weeks. 



1" pachmayr decelerator recoil pad @ 13.5" Length of Pull

2 sling stud mounts

Aluminum pillar bedded



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  • I have a Remington 700 spa tactical aac- sd with 20 inch barrel. What selection should I pick for barrel.

    You would select the Rem Varmint barrel.

  • How soon till you offer stocks for Savage rifles (left hand)?

    We hope to have our Phoenix stock ready for the Savage 110 by end of summer.

  • Do you make a stock for the Remington 783 long action? Thanks in advance.

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit 783 rifles.

  • Will the CVA Paramount floor plate fit in a detachable box magazine stock.

    To my knowledge, the CVA has a specific footprint for its bottom metal and the stock will need to be inlet specifically for it.  It won't fit into a stock inlet for a M5 DBM.

  • Do you have any plans to make the outlander for Remington 700s with a mountain profile barrel?

    Unfortunately not, we are in the process of converting all our stocks to "universal barrel channel" inlets where a variety of barrels will fit the stocks without having to be machined to each specific barrels contour.

  • I have a Remington 700 with a 20 inch bull barrel. What do I need to put for barrel?

    You would select the factory Remington Varmint/Sendero barrel.

  • Will these fit a Proof sendero light comfortably?

    Yes it will.

  • Any plans for Tikka inlets any time soon?

    For the Outlander stock?  Unfortunately probably not until 2023.

  • Sorry if this has been asked, but you do offer the Outlander with detachable box magazines with the m5 DBM kit for a bergara action?

    Yes you can order the Outlander for a Bergara rifle and pair it with a M5 DBM.

  • Is this stock available for the winchester xpr 6.8 western?

    Unfortunately not.  The only stock we make for a short action XPR is our Renegade stock.

  • Will the Outlander fit a Remington 700 SPS Tactical with heavy barrel?

    Yes it will, you'll just want to make sure you get the Outlander inlet for a Remington varmint barrel.

  • Do any of your remington 700 outlander models fit Carbonsix featherweight or sendero barrel dimensions?

    Yes if you have the featherweight contour, order the Outlander inlet for a Remington Magnum barrel and if you have the sendero, have the stock inlet for a Remington varmint/sendero barrel profile.

  • Can you get the stock in A-TACS AU like the Terrain?

    Yes you can, just added that color finish to the drop down menu!

  • Can the outlander have the mlok plates and flush cups installed?

    Unfortunately there isn't enought "meat" on the outlander stock to install flush cups or the anchors for the MLOK plates.

  • Is your Defiance medium action inlet for the Remington SA equivalent or is it for the XM

    A defiance medium action is equivalent to a Rem 700 SA.  Our stocks don't fit the XM.

  • If I get the stock with a BDL inlet can I have it changed to a M5 inlet later? If so how much? Thank you

    Yes you can, it will cost $60 to have us machine the stock for the M5 inlet on a stock cut for a BDL originally.

  • Can this stock be ordered with the grayboe hunter dbm?

    Yes it can, you can order the stock and add it to the cart and then add the hunter DBM to your cart and we will ship them together to you when your stock is complete.

  • Will you be offering this stock for the Model 70?

    Unfortunately we don't have a timeline on if or when we will have the Outlander for a model 70.

  • When are you going to offer a Tikka T3 Inlet option?

    don't have a hard set date on when we may offer the Outlander for the T3.  More than likely we'll offer the Trekker stock for the T3.

  • Do you offer a custom length of pull for the Outlander stock? Thanks

    At this time we do not.  The Trekker, Phoenix and Ridgeback have adjustable length of pull.

  • What is the action screw torque for this stock on the Remington 700 AWR?

    We recommend 45 in lbs.

  • I have PTG bdl bottom metal. I assume I should choose remington bdl but just wanted to confirm. Thx

    Yes that is correct.

  • How about a wider flat bottom forearm about 2.5 inches wide for varmint rifles shot from bags and rest?

    We have the Ridgeback stock that has a 2.5" wide forearm.  You can view it here, https://www.grayboe.com/collections/stocks/products/ridgeback.

  • Any chance of an option for the Savage Axis in the future?

    Probably down the road but don't have a hard set date on when that would be at this time.  At least a year out.

  • I have a Remington factory 7 STW with a detachable magazine . I am looking at the Outlander. I did not see a detachable magazine model. Did I overlook it , do you make a stock for that model. Thanks in advance

    Are you talking about a Remington 700 with factory detachable magazine with the large mag release buttons on the sides?  If so, we can machine the stock for it but we would need your bottom metal sent in so we can fit test it to the stock after inletting.

  • Will a Remington 700 Mountain Rifle barrel contour be offered? And a blind mag well? And a solid color?

    We don't have a mold specifically for the mountain rifle barrel contour nor a blind mag.  All Grayboe stocks pop out of the mold drop in ready for a Remington sporter/magnum contour and BDL or M5 bottom metal.  You can order one in a solid color, we would just work up the order for that here on our end and email you the invoice to pay since you can't order a solid color online.

  • Please tell me that you are going to offer these stocks for a Tikka T3x action in the near future

    Yes sir, hope to have it out by December.

  • Hi! Really interested in your stocks - but don’t see my action there. Do you guys have any future plans to inlet for the Sako 85 series?

    Eventually yes but don't have a hard set date on when that would be at this time.

  • Can you inlet for a proof sendero contour?

    The Outlander barely fits the factory Remington sendero barrel contour.  The proof sendero is larger than that so it will make the side walls of the stocks barrel channel razon thin and prone to chipping out and breaking.  For a proof sendero barrel we'd recommend the Trekker stock as seen here, https://www.grayboe.com/products/trekker.

  • Any chance you will make one that fits a CVA Cascade in the near future??

    Possibly if the demand is there but don't have a timeframe on when that would be right now.

  • Any plans for Howa 1500 actions? You guys are the best!

    yes sir, probably early next year

  • I have a new Bergara B14 Hunter in 7mm -08rem. I am looking to lighten it up with a lighter stock. I like your Outlander stock. Could you help me with how many ounce it could save me. The lists at 7lbs now.

    The only way to truly know would be to weigh the Bergara B14 Hunter stock by itself to compare the two stocks.

  • Are you getting close to inletting for Winchester Model 70 actions...is 2021 the year?

    Probably more like 2022.

  • Factory std/magnum contour. Are they one in the same? I’m concerned that my factory standard sporter will have too large a gap in the channel

    We have 1 barrel channel that fits the factory Remington 700 sporter and magnum barrel channel.  It will not have a large gap around it.  It will just be free floated and uniform from the recoil lug down to the stocks forend tip.

  • Tikka left hand inlet factory BM?

    Not for the Outlander yet, but you can get a Phoenix stock for the T3 here https://www.grayboe.com/collections/stocks/products/phoenix.

  • When will the outlander be available for a Winchester model 70 action?

    Probably not until next year sometime.

  • Can I get it in white with black spidering?

    Unfortunately we don't have white paint at this time.

  • Can I get Q.D sling mounts inlaid into the sides of the stock?

    Possibly, how big is the barrel you will be using in the Outlander stock?  If its bigger than a Rem 700 magnum contour the flush cup may protrude into the barrel channel and make contact with the barrel.

  • Will the Outlander handle abuse of high recoil rifles like 338 or 375?

    Yes our material is strong to handle that recoil, no problem.  Now your shoulder might be another issue :).

  • Is the Outlander basically the same or very close to the Remington 700 AWR. I was ably you handle one for reference

    Yes it is the same but now lighter by about 1/2 pound.

  • Can you install your length of pull spacer system on this stock?

    Unfortunately we don't have a LOP spacer sytem for the Outlander at this time.

  • I have a 700 BDL DM, can an outland be made to fit or done before shipping?

    Yes the Outlander fits the 700 BDL.  What does DM mean?  Detachable Mag?

  • Can I switch my 700 ADL to the Hunter DBM to work with this stock?

    yes you can!

  • I have a Remington 700 ADL 6.5 Creedmoor with heavy barrel. Will the Outlander stock be compatible?

    Unfortunately at this time our stocks don't fit ADL models.  If you switch to a BDL floorplate then it would work.

  • What barrel contour would you recommend for a remington m700 7mm with a proof carbon sendro barrel?

    Unfortunately the proof carbon sendero barrel is too big for the Outlander stocks forend.  We would recommend the Terrain stock for that size barrel.

  • Hi there, I have a Bergara B14 Ridge Wilderness in. 308. What selection do I have to make with the following points? BOTTOM METAL INLET BARREL CONTOUR Many Thanks

    For bottom metal inlet you would select "factory Bergara floorplate".  for barrel you would select "Bergara".  for contour number select "#5".

  • Is there a plan for inlet of the browning x bolt?

    we'll probably get to it one day just don't have a hard set date on when that would be.

  • I have the Christensen arms Mesa in a 6.5 prc and wanted to make sure the outlander would work for it. I have bought a renegade from y’all for a Remington 700 and I love it.

    we have yet to see a mesa rifle here in shop so can't 100% be sure it fits the Outlander.  I assume its like a Ridgeline action and the bottom metal is a Rem 700 BDL floor plate footprint.  We are unsure about the barrel contour as well.  You could send your rifle into us and we would fit the rifle to the stock and make sure everything lines up for no additional charge if you'd like.

  • The only donor action I have is a Rem 721. Is that a problem if I replace the BM, recoil lug and trigger?

    I believe the 721 is a short action Rem 700 footprint so it should work if you replace the bottom metal.  However, we aren't 100% sure as we don't have a Rem 721 in shop here to check fit.

  • How do we properly measure for the finished breech length?

    please email sales@grayboe.com and we can send you a pictured description on how to take that measurement.  Unfortunately i can't attach the image here.

  • I've got a Bergara Ridge .270.... I'd really like to upgrade to an Outlander stock. I'm kinda confused with all the options available.... If you have time could you please tell me exactly what I need and would it be an exact drop in? Thanks!!!

    Yes you would select Bergara B14 for action inlet, for bottom metal select "BDL style floor plate" and for barrel select Bergara and for contour # select #5.  Email sales@grayboe.com if you have anymore questions, thanks!

  • Can you get this stock in a SA 700 factory sporter channel with a blind magazine (ADL)?

    Unfortunately our stocks pop out of the mold drop in ready for a BDL floor plate so we don't have the capabililty for the ADL.

  • Will there be a fit for Ruger rifles in the near future?

    possibly, just don't have a time table on when at this time unfortunately.

  • Do you plan to offer any stock for the Winchester Model 70?

    yes we do, hopefully sometime in 2021.

  • Does this stock fit the Remington 700 mountain rifle... hinged floor plate?

    Yes it will fit the 700 Mtn rifle.  However, the stock comes with the Sporter/Mag barrel channel so your mountain rifle barrel channel will have extra "free float" around it.

  • Do you inlet the Outlander for the Tikka T3 action? Many thanks.

    we hope to have the outlander ready to take the T3 by early 2021.

  • Do your long action Remington 700 stocks fit a 300 RUM?

    yes they do!

  • I don't know what to think of your $400 kreiger barrel for only $50 it seems too good to be true.

    If you have a Krieger barrel, its $50 for us to machine the stock to fit and free float your Krieger barrel into the stock.  Its not $50 for the actual barrel.  We don't sell barrels.  But your're right, that would be an amazing deal!  :)

  • Will this fit a Weatherby Vanguard?

    Currently it does not fit the Vanguard.  We hope to have the Vanguard fitting our stocks in 2021.

  • Can this be inlet for the Hawkins M5 Oberndorf Bottom Metal? Could the length of pull be shortened to 13"?

    Yes it can, its $35 to inlet the bottom of the stock to accept this bottom metal.  Shortening the LOP to 13" can also be done, its $80 to do that modification.  Please email sales@grayboe.com if you'd like to move forward with this.  thanks!

  • Will a Remington 700 ADL drop into this stock?

    the action and barrel will but not the ADL bottom metal & trigger guard, you'll want to convert to the BDL floor plate.

  • Can flush cups , two on side and one under the foreword forearm be had?

    yes they can, please email sales@grayboe.com to get a quote on adding those.

  • Is the lightweight outlander available in left hand?

    Yes we can make a LH stock for you, please email sales@grayboe.com and we'll get you taken care of!

  • Will a Ruger M77 7mm rem mag drop into the outlander stock? Can it be ordered with a rail for the bipod?

    currently the outlander only fits Remington 700 and Rem clone actions so it won't fit the ruger M77.  We could install a pic rail for you.  Cost for the rail and to have it installed would be $45.

  • I have an Outlander in brown w/black web - do you have touch-up paint for the brown color?

    we do, email steve@grayboe.com and we'll get you taken care of.

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Scott D.
United States
I recommend this product


Vary nice stock well built will buy again

carl s.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Second to none

Great products. The after sale support from Ryan was great. So when that order was finished I ordered a phoenix.

Grayboe Outlander Review
Christopher O.
United States United States
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Fantastic Fit & Happy Little Girl

Exactly what I was hoping for. Proper barrel channel clearance and my daughter absolutely loves it. Thank you Grayboe. It's hard enough to teach kids to shoot... but with a rigid stock that actually fits, it's nice to comforting to know we're in a good starting position.

Ray S.
United States United States
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Great Stock!

I prefer a DBM for my rifles and the original stock couldn’t be converted. This fit perfectly and now I can use magazines. The Grayboe also seems to provide a better grip, especially when wet. Great deal on a very good stock.

United States United States
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Fits perfectly, Great product

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