M-LOK Plate

Sold Individually.

The M-Lok Plate is perfect for machinable stocks that need M-Lok accessory capability.  The machining required to install the M-Lok Plate is simple and straight forward.  Included in the price is one M-Lok Plate and two wood screws.

Tools you will need to machine the M-Lok Plate into your stock: 5/8″ (0.625″) End Mill, 1/2″ (0.500″) End Mill, Milling Machine, M-Lok Plate with wood screws (purchased from Grayboe) and calipers.

Procedure you will use to cut in the M-Lok Plates:

  • Designate flat area on stock to install M-Lok Plate.  You will need at least 4.625″ of clearance in the X direction, .625″ in the Y direction and 0.325″ in the Z direction.
  • Ensure your stock is leveled and straight along the line of travel in all axes on your machine.
  • Use your 5/8″ End Mill and plunge (Z direction) .110″ deep into the surface of your stock.
  • Run your cut a total of 4.625″ from end to end remembering that the total travel on the machine will be 4.625″ – ((0.625″/2)*2) = 4″.
  • Use your 1/2″ End Mill to to plunge .325″ deep (.215″ if measured from previous cut depth).  Your new cut should be inside your previous cut and centered in the Y direction.  Start your plunge .625″ from the inside edge of your previous cut and continue in the X direction until you are .625″ from the opposite edge of your previous cut.  The total length of this cut should be around 3.350″ (remember: 3.350″ – ((0.5″/2)*2) = 2.850″ total machine travel).  This cut is to give the M-Lok tightening mechanism room to move.
  • Take an M-Lok plate, place it inside your cut to ensure proper fitment.  While your M-Lok plate is properly in place, mark on the stock the placement of the through holes at the ends of the M-lok plate.
  • Use a drill bit that is slightly undersized of the M-Lok wood screw and drill pilot holes where you marked the stock.
  • Ensure proper fitment of the M-Lok plate and screws.
  • Paint or finish stock.
  • Upon final assembly, place M-Lok plate in slot.  Dab Locktite or similar onto your wood screws and screw the M-Lok plate into place.  Let dry.


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  • Hello! It's posibble to sending this M-Lok panels to Poland /Europe? https://www.grayboe.com/products/m-lok-plate

    Unfortunately i don't believe we can ship any metal gun part or accessory outside the USA.