Trekker- Right Hand Rem 700 or 700 clone Short Action, BDL floorplate.


1632 INV


  • Right hand Remington 700 or 700 clone short action
  • BDL floor plate
  • Fits all barrels up to Proof Sendero Barrel
  • Adjustable LOP to fit any size shooter
  • Vertical grip with thumbshelf
  • Lightweight hunting stock
  • Weighs 23oz
  • Arrives to you drop in ready, bolt your rifle on and go shoot
  • Ambidextrous


  • Adjustable spacer system with 1" Grayboe memory foam recoil pad providing 13.25" - 14.25" Length of Pull adjustment. (Additional spacers can be purchased if longer LOP is needed.)
  • 2 studs up front for bipod/sling attachment or Picatinny rail (sold separately). 1 rear stud at bottom of buttstock.
  • Aluminum pillar bedded
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Ask a Question
  • Will this work with my defiance anti-x SA action ?

    Yes if your Anti X is a Rem 700 footprint action then it will drop right into this stock.

  • Will this stock fit a Bergara Ridge SP 6.5 Creedmoor?

    You have this rifle correct?  If so, yes this Trekker will fit your rifle.  This stock is inlet for the Remington BDL floorplate which sits deeper than the Bergara floorplate so the inlet is cut deeper around the hatch that closes on the floor plate but this is purely cosmetic and your Bergara rifle will fit and function in this stock.

  • Will this stock fit a Christensen Arms Ridgeline 6.5 PRC short action with a Carbon Fiber barrel? Thanks

    yes it wil.

  • Will this inlet work with the magpul bottome metal?

    Unfortunately magpul bottom metal does not fit our stocks.

  • Will this fit a bergara premier hmr pro 6mm creed?

    if you switch to a BDL floor plate it will.  The stock the way it is currently configured won't fit your factory Bergara bottom metal that takes detachable box mags.