Painted Web and Camo stocks ship in 10 business days.  Custom camo like KUIU, Multicam, etc ship in 3-4 weeks. 

stock comes with

Fixed 1" Pachmayr decelerator recoil pad @ 13.5" Length of Pull

2 studs up front for bipod/sling attachment or Picatinny rail (sold separately).  1 rear flush cup on bottom of buttstock, 2 flush cups on LH side of stock, fore & aft

Aluminum pillar bedded



Ask a Question
  • I have a Remington 700 tactical w/ the heavy barrel and I’m interested in the outlander. It doesn’t give an option for the varmit/heavy barrel contour. Will it fit in the spotter/magnum contour?

    the remington heavy/varmint barrel is slightly too large for the Outlander stock.  The side walls of the stocks barrel channel are razor thin with a varmint barrel inlet.  We would recommend the Terrain stock for that barrel.

  • I’m going with the Bartlein Lt. Bull Sporter 7mm, it says these as 5R rifled barrels. So which barrel inlet should I select?

    i would recommend the Varmint size barrel inlet.  The Sporter/Mag may also work as well but you run a chance of having to do fitting/sanding in the stocks barrel channel to get your barrel to completely free float.  If your straight cylinder length on your Bartlein barrel is under 1.5" it should drop into the varmint barrel inlet stock with no fitting required.

  • I’m looking to put this on a Bergara Premier chassis rifle with a 5.5 barrel profile. Do I need to make any modifications? I assume your DBM is AICS compatible? Thanks

    You may have to sand open the stocks barrel channel right at the chambered area.  Other than that it will free float and fit into a varmint barrel inlet stock.  If you are comfortable making this modification we can do it for you for a fee.  Yes our DBM takes AICS mags.

  • Are these synthetic gun stocks?

    they are fiberglass/carbon fiber epoxy resin stocks.

  • Which barrel profile inlet would work best for a #5 contour?

    we would recommend the varmint/sendero barrel profile.  That would require the least amount of fitting if any at all.  Or you could order your exact barrel contour through our "custom inletting" section in our custom shop on the website.

  • I have a Christensen arms ridgeline with a carbon fiber barrel what barrel contour do I pick

    the action area of the stock will need to be modified to get the ridgeline action to drop in, specifically the bolt release.  I don't see a contour sheet for christensen arms barrels on their website but i assume their light target or target barrel will be larger than a Remington varmint/sendero profile so the stocks barrel channel will also need to be sanded open to fit.