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stock comes with

2 studs up front for bipod/sling attachment or picatinny rail (sold separately). 

Rear stud mount for sling on buttstock.

Fixed 1" Pachmayr decelerator recoil pad @ 13.5" Length of Pull.

Aluminum pillar bedded.



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  • Can u all do a Magpul bottom metal inlet

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit the Magpul bottom metal.

  • What color is this one? Doesn’t match any of your color options.

    That was a custom paint job done by a local gunshop here in AZ.

  • Will this stock work with a Heavy Varmint or MTU from Bartlein with a Remington 700 SA

    Yes it will.  When ordering the stock, just select "bartlein" for the barrel and heavy varmint or MTU for the contour #.

  • I was curious if there is an inlet option for Ruger American or Sako A7m?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Rugers or Sako rifles.

  • will this stock fit a savage 110 tactical in 300 win

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Savage rifles.

  • Will this stock (in Tikka 3x action) free float a 1.150" straight contour barrel?

    Yes it will.

  • Can I get an adjustable Renegade stock with Bergara camo?

    Yes you can, just added that color finish to the drop down menu.

  • What is the finished shank length & how do you measure for it ?

    Please shoot us an email at and we'll reply with the pic on how to take that measurement, thanks!

  • will this fit a Savage long action 30-06

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Savage rifles.

  • Do you make a stock for Christensen Mesa in 6.5 prc ?

    Yes all of our stocks will fit the CA Mesa rifle with factory floor plate.  You can select the Mesa in the "action inlet" drop down menu.

  • Is the buttstock on the Renegade hollowed out or solid? I heard it is solid. But also saw a post online in 2018 that somebody took the pad off and it was hollow.

    The buttstock is solid on the Renegade.

  • I didn’t see anything about recoil lugs. Is this inlet for a specific size, or would I need to add that in a comment?

    All Grayboe stocks are cut for a .360" thick recoil lug.  If yours is bigger just specify that in the order notes box at checkout.

  • Will any of these stocks fit a Howa 1500 or do you have any plans on making one fit the Howa 1500?

    At this time our stocks don't fit Howa rifles.  We hope to start offering them within the next 1-2 years.

  • Is there enough material in the forend barrel channel to have a PGW nightvision rail bedded into it like the USMC M40A5 with an M40 contour barrel?

    I believe so, what is the width of your PGW rail?  I'll check the width on the Renegade to verify for you.

  • Can this stock be ordered to fit the stiller Tac 338?

    Unfortunately the Tac 338 has an overall length longer than a typical long action so it won't fit our stocks at this time.

  • Will this stock fit a browning x bolt?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit the X bolts.

  • Does the remington stock accept bergara Barreled action

    The Renegade stock will take a Bergara action with a Rem 700 inlet but the stock will need to be modified for the side bolt release for the Bergara action.  If you have a factory Bergara floor plate on the rifle there is no mods needed for that to drop right in.  Depending on barrel contour, the stocks barrel channel may need to be opened up/modified to fit and free float your barrel.  Which model Bergara rifle do you have?

  • The phrasing on the QD options is a little weird, if I wanted a QD Sling attachment point where the bipod would be and at the butt of the stock, which option would I choose?

    The Renegade comes with 2 front studs up there on the bottom of the forend so if you'd like to use a QD loop up there i would recommend getting the Grayboe picatinny rail that will replace the 2 front studs which has a flush cup mount in it,  Then all you need is 1 more flush cup installed on the bottom of the butt stock for the rear QD sling loop.

  • A Proof competition contour goes from a diameter of 1.250" at the shank to 1.013" @ the muzzle (26" barrel), so sort of. Another question I have is whether the stated weight of the rifle is before or after the addition of the adjustable cheek rest?

    I would recommend having the stock inlet for a 1.250" straight barrel.  Adding a cheek rest will add approx 10 oz to the overall weight of the stock.  So for the Renegade you'd be looking at a finished weight of  around 4.25 lbs.

  • What kind of barrel contour would work with a proof research competition barrel?

    I believe the Proof competition contour is like a 1.20" straight barrel, is that correct?

  • Will a bergara b14 ridge with #5 barrel fit renegade stock for rem 700 and inlet for rem 700 with m5 dbm?

    It will not.  If the stock is inlet for a Rem 700 action, M5 DBM and Varmint barrel the stock will need to be modified for the bolt release on the B14 action.  The Bergara B14 ridge comes with a floor plate which is not the same footprint as a M5 DBM.  The #5 barrel may require some sanding in the stocks barrel channel to completely free float it.  However, you can order a Renegade specifically for the Bergara B14 Ridge.  Just make the correct selections in the drop down menus.

  • Will a bergara #5 barrel fit into the grayboe renegade stock made for rem 700 without inletting for change barrel channel for bergara?

    Since Begara has changed their barrel contours over the years we aren't 100% sure if a #5 bergara barrel will drop into a Rem varmint inlet stock.  It should be close though.  The only modification that may need to be done is sanding the stocks barrel channel in the chambered area to completely free float it.

  • Does the renegade fit the tikka t3 tac a1 action

    At this time it does not, we will have a Renegade mold for the T3 towards the end of the year.

  • Do you do a Renegade stock for a winchester xpr 300wsm?

    Yes, we have a Renegade stock that Winchester puts on their Long Range SR seen here,

  • do you make a renegade stock for savage 110 fcp 338 lapua? thanks

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Savage rifles at this time.

  • How flat is the bottom of this stock? I'd like to bolt an Area 419 arca rail to the bottom. Can you use the 2 sling stud spots and the action screw for the rail, or is the action screw location not level with the rest of the foreend of the stock? Thank you

    You have about 1.5" of flat on the bottom of the forend from the front action screw to the forend tip of the stock with a total length of 12".  You can use the stud mounts screws to bolt the rail on if your ARCA rail will bolt on that way.  You can also drill holes in the stocks forend to add additional rail mounting holes if needed.

  • Will the McMillan a-5 length of pull spacers fit the Renegade? Thanks

    Unfortunately the Renegade comes with a fixed recoil pad that is glued and bolted on.  Removing it will ruin the pad.  The A5 spacers would come close to fitting the Renegade but after attaching them you'd have to grind down a new recoil pad to fit.

  • Will your dbm accept CIP length mags

    Yes our CIP length DBM will take CIP length mags.

  • I have bottom made Pacific tool and gauge M5 stealth model long action for a Rem 700. Will this drop in with your M5 inletting, it accept AICS and Accurate mags 300 Win Magazines. PT&G says its made stealth M5 milspec blueprint..

    yes the PTG stealth M5 DBM should drop into our stocks that are inlet for a M5 DBM.

  • If this is the same stock that comes on the Winchester renegade, why do you not offer a Winchester inlet option?

    We have a modified version of the Renegade that goes on the Winchester XPR rifle.  This stocks pops out of the mold drop in ready for a short action XPR with sporter barrel only.  We don't have fixturing yet to alter any other stocks for Winchester actions.  We are working on it though.

  • Is this the same stock on the win . xpr renegade , does it have an aluminum chassie , or just pillars .

    yes it is, it comes aluminum pillar bedded.  The stock is made out of a carbon fiber/fiberglass epoxy resin mix.

  • What all types of mags will the Grayboe DBM take?

    it takes all AICS style magazines both steel and/or polymer.

  • For the Renegade stock, what barrel channel would I select for a Christensen Arms Mesa?

    Our Renegade stock pops out of our molds drop in ready for a Remington 700 varmint barrel.  That being said, your CA Mesa barrel is probably slightly smaller than what the Renegade is cut out for unless you have this barrel of theirs,  So in your instance the smallest barrel the Renegade comes with is the Remington Varmint contour so your barrel will fit into that and just have extra "free float" around it.  Having extra float is actually a good thing, makes sure your barrel doesn't contact the stock anywhere.

  • I have a standard rem 700 30-06, what barrel should I select for the Renegade stock?

    Our Renegade pops out of our molds drop in ready for a remington varmint barrel which is larger than your factory sporter barrel.  I would select factory varmint and just know that your barrel will have extra "free float" around it.

  • Will this fit a rem700 modified with a remage barrel nut? Also should I glass bed the action to your stocks?

    we recently just added the option to select if your barrel has a barrel nut so you can now make that selection when ordering and we will machine the stock for it.  Our stocks do not require glass bedding.  We recommend once you receive the stock you just bolt the rifle on and go shoot.  Then if you think you can squeeze more accuracy out of it, then you can decide to glass bed it.

  • Any stocks for a browning A-Bolt

    Unfortunately at this time our stocks don't fit the A bolt.

  • How long before you would have the howa ready for sale?

    we are hoping by middle of next year!

  • Will a Winchester Model 70 in 300 WSM drop in this Stock ?

    not at this time.  We plan on working on adding Winchester inlets to our stocks in 2021.

  • If I have the Remington 700 sps tactical aac sd in 6.5 i would select the factory varmint barrel correct?

    thats correct!

  • Would a Thompson center compass in 300 win mag drop into the renegade frame?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Thompson center rifles.

  • Would a Remington 700 ADL 6.5 Creedmore action drop into this Renegade frame?

    Unfortunately not, our stocks only take BDL or M5 bottom metal.  Not ADL at this time.

  • Are all the stocks for r700 and other clones or do you guys also make stock for other rifles? I have a mossberg patriot too and was just curious if if our guys offer any options for that kinda rifle.

    at this time our stocks don't fit the mossberg patriot.  We are currently working on Tikka, Savage and Howa inlets.  We may do a stock for the patriot down the line.

  • Will the Remington 700 sps tactical drop into this stock or is the barrel too? I think it’s called the heavy barrel.

    Yes sir, will drop right in.  Just bolt your rifle right on and go shoot.

  • If I have a Remminton 700 LR 300 WM I select the Remmington Sendaro for the barrel correct?

    if your barrel measures around .820" at the muzzle then you would select sendero.  If its smaller than that you have the magnum contour which also fits into the Sendero barrel it will just be undersized.

  • For a Remington 700 Police with 24 inch barrel in 308. Do I select Sendero/5R/Tactical for the barrel? Then if I want to convert to a magazine, do I select the M5 of Grayboe DBM? Thank You!

    yes you are correct on both!

  • I need a Ridgeback for a Savage 10T-SR. Still planning a Savage inlet?

    yes we hope to have a savage inlet available in early 2021.

  • I noticed a SS model referenced on the Vudoo website. Is this stock available and would a Remington 40x LR drop into this stock also?? It has the shorter barrel.

    When you say SS model do you mean single shot?  If so, all our stocks are inlet for BDL or M5 style bottom metal repeaters.  At this time we don't offer a single shot inlet stock but we will eventually.

  • Any updates on the Tikka t3 stock? When will it come out and what bottom metal will it take?

    We will have the T3 available for the Phoenix stock in about a month.  Then the Ridgeback and Renegade hopefully by the end of the year.  It will take both the factory plastic or CTR metal bottom metal.

  • What is the weight of the stock with adjustable cheek rest?

    approx 4 lbs.

  • Will these stocks fit on a Remington 700 Police or LTR?

    Yes it will, that rifle will drop right in.

  • Is there an option to choose the hunter bottom metal when you order the Renegade stock?

    When we have the long action Hunter DBM's we will add the option to purchase the Hunter DBM when ordering a stock.  For now, yes you can still order the Hunter DBM with a stock.  Email and we can get the order processed for you with the correct bottom metal you want, thanks!

  • D you guys inlet for tikka or savage actions?

    currently working on stocks for those rifles now.  Don't have an exact ETA yet on when they'll be available yet.

  • Will the m24 profile on a long action clear everything

    the stocks barrel channel will have to be opened up for an M24 contour.  You can sand it open or we can machine it for the M24 contour for $99.

  • Do I need to purchase the the M5 Bottom Metal from Mesa Precision Arms to use the stock with the cutout already? Or does it come with it when I purchase?

    The stock does not come with a bottom metal, you'll want to purchase one.  We are currently running a deal when you buy a stock you get the Grayboe M5 bottom metal for $119 instead of $159.  Once you add a stock to your cart, the DBM discount will pop up.

  • Will the Remington 700 SPS varmint with a 26” barrel drop into the stock?

    yes it will.

  • Just bought one of your stocks looks great! Will a 700 Remington VTR fit into your Renegade? That has a triangle shaped barrel do not know the profile thought maybe you knew. Thanks

    Thank you for your business!  Yes it will drop in and free float, the VTR is a sendero/varmint contour even though it is triangular.

  • Do your stocks fit a B14 bergara hunter barrel contour? My understanding it is a #4 barrel contour.

    Yes it will, the Renegade pops out of our molds inlet for a Remington varmint barrel contour which is close to a #5 bergara barrel contour so your #4 will fit in the stock if you order it for a Remington varmint contour.  Your barrel will just have a bit more "free float" around it.

  • Can the Renegade be ordered with an adjustable cheek rest?

    Unfortunately it can't but we will be coming out with a new stock later on this year that will be similar to the Renegade and it will come standard with an adjustable cheek riser.

  • Are your stocks Cerakote safe?

    Yes they are.

  • What exactly is the difference between the options listed as "Remington Varmint" and "Remington Sendero/5R/Tactical"? As I thought that those were exactly the same dimensions in terms of barrel contour and dimensions.

    You are correct, they are the exact same contour but not everyone knows that so we list them all.

  • What is the recoil lug space dimensions, what is the max thickness?

    every Grayboe stock has a .350" thick recoil lug pocket/inlet in the stock.

  • i have a bergara b14 ridge chambered in 300 WIn Mag. and i want to get the Grayboe M5 bottem metal, but dont know which length DBM i need.

    for a .300 win mag you would need a long length.  However, this bottom metal won't fit your current Bergara stock.  The M5 bottom metal is a larger footprint than the factory bergara floor plate you are currently using.

  • What’s the contour for the Bergara b-14 ridge? The website says #5 taper

    yes thats correct, its a bergara #5 contour barrel.

  • Can I order this with the flush cups installed on the stock … I love the body lines of this one the best I just wish it had the flush cups to be able to carry across my chest

    Yes, when ordering the Renegade, under the selection at the bottom called "flush cups installed for QD sling" you can add those to the stock in the positions you want.

  • Will you be adding a renegade stock to fit a Howa 1500 action?

    yes, right now it is set to be released in June of 2024.

  • Will you ever make a Renegade stock for a Howa 1500 short action?

    Yes we plan on having one around June of 2024.

  • Does this fit a marlin x7vh .308 bull barrel

    Unfortunatley our stocks don't fit Marlin rifles.

  • I have a Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD in 6.5 Creedmoor, is the Remington Sendero/5R/Tactical the correct barrel profile to choose?

    Yes sir that is the correct barrel profile to choose.

  • Do you make any stocks for the cz 527 American?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit the CZ 527.

  • Is there an option for an adjustable cheek piece? I can see some pictures of Renegade stocks with them, but does not appear to be a selectable option.

    Unfortunately there isn't an option for an adjustable cheek riser.  We used to have a gunsmith who installed those but he quit doing it.  We will have a new stock similar to the Renegade that comes standard with a cheek riser that will be available here in December.

  • Do you have a stock that fits a HOWA 1500 with a heavy barrel?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit Howa rifles at this time.

  • Do you inlet for medium length Zermatt/Bighorn actions?

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit the medium length actions at this time.

  • I have a remington 700 sps tactical. What barrel option should I select?

    You would select "Remington Sendero/5R/Tactical".

  • What colors can you get the adjustable Renegade stock for a Vudoo.

    We no longer offer the adjustable cheek riser upgrade on the Renegade stock.  However, we will have a Renegade 2.0 coming out this fall and it will come standard with a cheek riser.  You select any color finish under the "Finish" selection and get that color on the stock.

  • Will it work for a cz 550

    Unfortunately our stocks don't fit the CZ 550 rifles.

  • I have a Remington 700 SPS tactical in 308 with a heavy barrel. Will this stock fit and what barrel option should I select. Also want to convert to DBM.

    Yes our Renegade stock fits a factory SPS tactical heavy barrel.  You will select "factory varmint" for the barrel selection.  To convert to a DBM for the bottom metal inlet you'll want to select "Grayboe M5 DBM" and then add the actual bottom metal to the order and pair it with the stock.  You can then run detachable AICS magazines.

  • What barrel contour will fit a proof M24?

    You can select the Bartlein M24 barrel contour and your Proof M24 will fit and free float in the stock.

  • If I were to purchase your Renegade stock made for a Tikka T3X, would I be limited to using a Tikka T3X bottom metal inlet or can I select another bottom metal inlet that will allow me to use AICS magazines?

    If your T3 rifle is a short action caliber, you can use our Grayboe Tikka T3 DBM and have the Renegade inlet for a T3 DBM and you can run AICS magazines.

  • Out of curiosity, ive got a bergara b 14 ridge long action, hindged floor plate, im just curious if your stocks designed for a remington long action bdl will accept the bergara b14 long action and bergara bottom metal.

    It depends on the stock.  Some of our stocks will need to be modified for the side bolt release on that B14 action and others like the Phoenix and Trekker will not.  A bergara floor plate will fit into a stock cut out for a Rem BDL bottom metal but the Bergara floor plate is "taller" so it won't appear to sit flush with the belly of the stock around the magazine area.

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Great products

This is a great stock. This will be my 3rd renegade

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I love this stock. My grouping improved from 1 MOA to under 1/2. Very happy with the stock.

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Great Job

Yall done great, thanks much.

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Renegade Stock

Stock looks great

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great customer service and help