Ridgeback - Right Hand Rem 700 or 700 clone short action, M5, Proof Research Light Sendero barrel



  • Right hand Remington 700 or 700 clone Short action
  • M5 DBM
  • Proof Research Light Sendero barrel w/ 2.5" shank
  • First composite stock to fully support the M-Lok system with 12 slots to attach compatible accessories.
  • Embedded bubble level to ensure rifle is level to the ground
  • Adjustable cheek piece & butt stock
  • Wide and flat forearm for enhanced stability for a rest or pack
  • Vertical grip with thumb shelf, putting the shooters hand in the most comfortable and relaxed shooting position
  • The Buttstocks "hook" provides superior control and manueverability when shooting prone or off a bench with the non-trigger hand
  • Weighs 3.85 lbs
  • Arrives to you drop in ready, bolt your rifle on and go shoot
  • Ambidextrous


  • Adjustable spacer system with 1" Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad providing 12.75" to 14." Length of Pull adjustment (additional spacers can be purchased if longer LOP is needed).  
  • Adjustable cheek piece (low profile adjustment screw included, Left Handed shooters will want to use the the low profile screw.)
  • Embedded bubble level
  • 12 M-Lok slots on forend to attach M-Lok mounts and accessories
  • 2 flush cups installed on buttstock, 1 on left hand side and 1 on bottom
  • Aluminum pillar bedded


Ask a Question
  • Will this fit REM 700 sds aac sd .308

    Yes it will but this stock is inlet for a magazine fed bottom metal like our Grayboe M5 DBM that feeds aics magazines.  You'll need to get an M5 bottom metal to replace your BDL floor plate on the rifle.

  • Will this stock( Ridgeback) accommodate the American Rifle Co. Nucleus action?

    Yes the Nucleus will drop in and work.  The ejection port on the Nucleus is longer than a Rem 700 but it will still work and function perfectly in the stock.