Adjustable Cheek Riser - Installed


  • Grayboe manufactured adjustable cheek riser installed here at Grayboe on your stock.
  • Can be installed on the Outlander, Terrain or Renegade stocks.
  • Refinishing of the current paint on your stock after installation.  (Hydro dips will require a complete new hydro dip finish, around $150)
  • No more kinks in your neck trying to see down your scope!


  • Send a letter INSIDE THE BOX with your stock stating your name and order #. 
  • If your stock has been glass bedded, please tape it off so we don't paint over it.
  • Ship your stock to the Grayboe facility (see "contact us" page for shipping address).
  • Give us approx 4 weeks to install the cheek rest and refinish your stock.
  • Be amazed at the difference a fully adjustable cheek rest ups your game!


Ask a Question
  • I have a Remington 700 LR with the Bell And Carlson Medalist stock. Can you add a cheek riser to that?

    Unfortunately we only work on our own stocks.

  • Can it be installed on an Outlander?

    Yes, adding an adjustable c/p is the second option you choose if you are purchasing an Outlander.  You can view that here  Or if you already have an outlander you can have it installed on that as well.

  • how much does the riser weigh?

    it adds about 4 oz to the overall weight of the stock.  You can order a terrain stock with the cheek rest here

  • can i order a terrain stock with ADJUSTABLE CHEEK RISER - INSTALLED?

    yes you can, an adjustable c/p option is the second selection you'll make below what color finish you want.

  • Can this stock riser be done to my Bergara Highlander Grayboe stock and keep the same paint finish that came from Bergara?

    Yes sir it can!